Listen to this Anne Hathaway's interview, chanel is giving out free bags

  1. I didn't watch the video, but I wonder if it's the red luxury bowler I've seen pictures of her with.
  2. i don't mind getting a red chanel bag for free either :p
  3. Thanks for posting that. I had not seen it. I loved that movie - of course.
    I would also love to have a Chanel red bag as well.
  4. Hopefully it was a beat up display bag!!! Hehehe. I'm horrible but I hate hearing about these treatments celebrities get. They make hoards of money that they really don't deserve but still get all this free stuff. Like Nicole Richie and the free birkin she posed with on the set (vanity fair or elle or something?) I read it in the Hermes thread.
  5. I agree, absolutanne, people who earn millions of dollars for 3 months' work do not deserve to be given free luxury goods.
  6. It is logical to give models & actress's bags because they are in the public eye & lot's of free advertising for a designer... can't even buy exposure like that.
  7. point taken, but the merchant should not turn around and jack up the price when people want to purchase. What is the point of raising the price many times a year to keep everyone to have a piece of luxury brand bag? The price increase rate sure is much higher than inflation rate!
  8. Classic Chic... I totally agree, the price increase, if it turns out as high as we've heard, is really excessive!
  9. It's not free per se. She still needs to pay taxes on it! So, hopefully she won't have to be hauled into tax court if she forgets that.
  10. I'd love to be a famous person here so I could get some Chanel for free. It must be fantastic to get bags for free
  11. i'm happy to spend everyday walking around with it :biggrin: