Listed LV Cerise Pochette on Ebay! So Sad!!!

  1. Some of you know the long search I went through to get this bag and now that I was finally able to get it, I have to sell it for the money!!! :Push: I bought too many handbags recently and unfortunately this is the one that has to go because I would get the least use out of it. The other bags are a Marc Jacobs tote and an Ellen Tracy shopper. As a grad student, those bags are more functional for me. It's just that I feel so sad that I listed my beloved pochette on Ebay yesterday! Oh, well, it was mine for a few short days! :cry: Someone tell me that I'm doing the right thing! :sad:
  2. Its a sign... you're gonna get a better bag that you are gonna use and just LUBBES:love: I always tell myself out of site out of mind. :graucho:
  3. I actually just packed up my Popincourt Haute and I'm shipping it out tomorrow :cry:
    You're doing the right thing.
    And you WILL get something better that's more functional for you.
  4. I feel your pain on letting go of something you still love.
    You are definitely doing the right thing, though, especially if you rarely use it.
  5. I feel terrible because I spent so many months looking for this pochette. I finally got it 3 days ago and now I already have to sell it!!! I listed other bags on Ebay too but for some reason this one pains me the most! On the other hand, I just can't justify its cost right now...
  6. ggk84, you sound very sad about parting with this bag. How about selling another bag instead of this one?
  7. This makes the most sense to sell because I don't think I would get mych use out of it. I hope it sells because I don't think I can go through the pain of relisting it. I wish the marketplace were still up. I would feel much better if it went to a PFer. I don't want some stranger abusing my cute pochette cerises :cry: ...
  8. I am way outta the loop! The marketplace is no longer up? Why?

    Also, can you post a pic of your bag and just sell it in this thread?
  9. The marketplace was closed. I think some rotten apples spoiled it :rant:
  10. ^^Oh that sucks! I never really had enough time to poke around in there either :sad:
  11. I would keep the bag that i love and sell the more 'common' bags that i have.. you willnot be able to get an authentic cerise style no more..
  12. I think I just saw your listing, actually!...I was browsing as I've been trying to sell mine for months with no luck, and I wanted to see if anyone had any luck lately with that style. So now that I know that you're really trying to sell yours, I'll hold off on listing mine again until your auction ends:smile:.