Listed As Teal But It's an 06 Work!

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  1. yowza, $2K is a bit steep, but thanks for thinking of us Deana :tender:
  2. :shame:
    Sorry aalla....I should have looked closer. A bit steep and it's an 06, so it clearly is not Teal!!! What is the retail for these? Are they still available? If so, it seems kind of silly to price it so high if you can still get it retail.
  3. ^^ aha, it must be blue india then ;)
  4. Yea it is blue india, i think retail is 1385 + tax?
  5. From her pricing it appears that she might actually think its teal.
  6. :confused1:
    Am I missing something here? Retail for a Work is $1385 and this bag is a 2006 Blue India, which probably can still be bought in stores. And the seller is trying to get almost $2000 for it?
  7. What a fraud,:roflmfao: and do U al think this is real. I don`t really know, the small bag with the tassels doesn`t look real:Push:
    But for me it`s a nice colour but much to much money.

    Good luck girls FX
  8. :yes:
    The Work deffinitely looks authentic to me. And I wonder if the seller is purposely trying to pass it off as a Teal Work or if she is selling it for a client and is going with what she was told.
  9. This seller has a very good reputation in my opinion. I dont think shes trying to defraud anyone, I think she just honestly doesnt realize its a Blue India. Maybe someone should nicely point that out to her, I'm sure she would be very embaressed by her error.
  10. She could either be selling it for a client or she could have bought it at a consignment store and bought it thinking it was teal. I have watched her auctions for a long time and while her stuff is more expensive, I don't think that she would mislead anyone on purpose. Maybe someone should send her an email and let her know that this is a current color. I would but I haven't read up on the numbers thing and couldn't explain it to her. I would like to think its a mistake but I've been wrong before.
  11. I agree with Donna. I don't think she's trying to defraud anyone at all... But I also wondered why she has this bag priced so high too. Decophile just got a fairly rare '05 bag from her that was priced great and her prices are usually pretty good. I wonder why she has this one marked up so high?
  12. Not only should someone point out her *mistake*, but more importantly ... she should EDUCATE herself if she really wants to sell these bags legitimately.

    I'm sorry ... but I have limited patience for Sellers who don't know what the heck they are selling!!! [Same with retail stores] It's encumbant upon the Seller to know what they are selling; if they don't, then it could get into an issue of "misrepresentation". I just went through this hassle with a STUPID bidder who told me that the David Yurman bracelet she bidded on (and won) didn't have a Tourmaline but a Rhodolite Garnet. I was stuck because she had the bracelet and I had no way to verify her statement (there was nothing on the sales slip to indicate one versus the other). I know what I was told when I purchased the bracelet, but she said that I had misrepresented it. I WILL NOT make this mistake again ... it was such a pain in the butt to deal with her!!!
  13. :shrugs:
    I am all for giving someone the benefit of the doubt before automatically assuming the worst. Yesterday I did send the seller a nice note telling her the name of the color, the year the bag was made, and the current retail. Obvioulsy a seller can ask whatever they want for the items they sell, but I thought maybe she was selling it for a client and was given the wrong information on the bag. Today I see the word Teal was taken out of the description, but the asking price remains the same.