List your "Wishful Thinking Rainbow"!!!

  1. Because I'm reallllllllllyyyy eager for my purchases from the Botkier and HH sales to arrive, I can't seem to stay away from tpf, so I've decided to fill in the rainbow colors with purses I'd love to own! :woohoo:

    Here's a prettier version of my signature (which limited my colorful bbcode!):

    :heart: My Wishful Thinking Rainbow!!! :heart:
    Red: LV Vernis Sunset Pomme
    Orange: RM MAM Tangerine
    Yellow: BE I'm Yours Mustard
    Green: HH Sao Paulo Hobo Prato
    Blue-Green?: BE Stroke Me Petrol
    Blue: RM Nikki Nightblue
    Purple: LV Vernis Roxbury Amarante
    Pink: Hermes Fuchsia Birkin
    Gray: Balenciaga City
    Brown: Fendi Chef w/ Gold
    Black: YSL Muse
    White: Gucci Horsebit Med Boston
    Silver: Chanel Ice Cubes 2.55
    Gold: Versace Velvet Show Bag

    Soooo, if for whatever reason you stalk tpf as much as I do, PLEASE share your rainbow with me!! Feel free to fill it in with bags you want AND bags you already own, as long as you love them! :tup:

  2. hahahaha, cute! here's mine...I have less expensive tastes than a lot of posters here but even these bags are somewhat unattainable for me:

    Red: Botkier Frankie Hobo in Persimmon
    Orange: Tano QNA Shoulder Tote in Apricot
    Yellow: Anna Corinna Glazed City Tote in Honey
    Green: Gryson Tate in Military
    Blue- Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in Navy
    Blue: Botkier Lita Medium Satchel in Marine Patent
    Purple: Anna Corinna City Tote in Plum
    Pink: Jenny Yuen Cleo Clutch in Garnet
    Gray: Gryson Olivia in Grey
    Brown: Gustto Large Setela in Caramel
    Black: Rebecca Minkoff Elisha in Black
    White: Gryson Alexa
    Silver: Botkier Frankie Clutch in Silver Patent
    Gold: Botkier Nicole Convertible Satchel in Champagne