list your makeup favorites . .

  1. This is my everyday, cant live without makeup:heart:

    bare minerals [medium beige] foundation
    nars laguna bronzer
    clinique mascara (high definition)
    chanel eyeshadow
    victorias secret heidi klum lipstick
  2. Chanel Glossimer, YSL Touche Brilliance for Lips, Chanel Teint Innocence liquid foundation, Chanel orchid rose blush, Clinique Glow 3 powder, Chanel chocolate eyeliner, Chanel Chocolat lipliner, Diorshow mascara, Dior lipgloss-- noticing a pattern? haha
  3. chanel chanel .. dior ..dior ;]
  4. I almost forgot Chanel polish too :smile: YSL's La Lacque is also great.
  5. This is my favorite lipgloss by far! I also love Chanel and MAC, but this one is incredible!
  6. ellacoach.. i like your avator!
    i was there that day when they were shooting that scene from sex and the city
  7. Bare Minerals foundation--I'm a medium beige too!
    Loreal Voluminous mascara
    Bare Minerals eyeshadows
    Bare Minerals blush in frisky or riches
    Bare Minerals clear radiance
    Smashbox lipglosses
    Smashbox creme eyeliners
  8. What color do you wear? I love the light pink-- and it smells like mango! :love:
  9. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Dior Hydrating Consealer

    Chanel Quad eye shadow

    CG Super Thick Lash Chanel Orchid Rose Blush
  10. If I don't have on Chanel Inimitable mascara and a glossimer (doesn't matter what color I can usually catch me in Blizzard, Equinoxe, Eclipse or Pagoda!), then I feel nekkid!!! If I feel like it, I swipe on some bronzing powder and am good to go! I also MUST moisturize. But my makeup is pretty bare bones.
  11. I use Equinoxe too! I love that shade and the Paillettes shade, I'm gonna be sick when you can't get it anymore.
  12. I swear by Dior photo perfect for a complete coverage foundation. No need for concealer... it is flawless.

    All of my makeup is dior - all of it. Suit my skin pefectly and I think their colour range is the best.
  13. I am obsessed with chanel eyeshadow & ITA the clinique high def mascara is awesome. i just tried it for the first time today!
  14. Smashbox Photo Primer with Red-Reducing
    Smashbox Eyebrow Powder/Filler
    Smashbox Liners
    Chanel Teint Innocence liquid foundation
    Prescriptives Magic Powder
    L'Oreal Mascara (lengthening, double wand)
    MAC Eyeshadows
  15. omg honey stock up on it now!!!! If you can't find it where you are, PM me and I will give you my SA's # and she can have it mailed to you!!!!! She has some left :smile:

    I'm in LOOOOOOVE with Eclipse right wears just like Equinoxe...just more berry...LOOOOVE love love love love it.:heart: