List your LV purchases that you got this year!

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  1. I only started my LV collection in May, so this year I bought:

    Fuchsia Baggy pm
    Monogram Speedy 30
    Beige Speedy Inclusion keychain
    Cerises cles
    White MC Wapity
    Red Epi pochette

    Whonk whonk! :wlae: :happydance: :choochoo:
  2. Silver Miroir Speedy
    Gold Miroir Pochette
    Monogram Canvas Pegase 50
    Epi Mandarin 25 Speedy
    Epi Mandarin french purse
    Vernis Framboise Zippy
    Damier belt
    Monogram canvas keystrap
    Groom Agenda in red
    Multicolor Astropill from a member of Jessicastyle (haven't recieved it yet)
    A pair of white wedge sandals (they were all the rage in the spring..)
  3. this year i got:

    yellow epi st jacques (my favorite as of now :P )

    monogram chequier simple

    porte-cartes credit yen

    marelle sac a dos (hard to open though :girlsigh: )

    trouville (for my baby's diaper...(coz) i think deauville is too big for me );)

    denim baggy pm :tender:

    ALL PRE-OWNED but looks new ! hehe :wlae:
  4. WOW!!! love the miroir collection too...:yes: i like a gold speedy
  5. Iv purchased Chloe, Fendi, Dior and Balenciaga this year, but here's what i purchased from LV -
    Fushia Speedy Perfo
    Green Speedy Perfo
    Black Monogram Shawl
    Monogram Ipod Nano Case
    White MC Small Agenda

    What i really wanted though was a Leopard Stephen, but never got one!!

    Out of all of that, I gave my ipod case away after unsuccessfully trying to sell it on ebay, iv used my green perfo speedy twice and my dog chewed on the infills of the agenda, lol! I only really use the shawl!!

    I'm hoping by the end of the year I have a new agenda and a Monogram Stephen from santa!!!
  6. Perfo Cles,
    Groom Cles,
    Azur Cles,

    Portemonnaie Plat.
  7. Silver Mirior Speedy
    Gold Miroir Pochette
    Groom rond coin purse
    Groom Pochette cles
    Groom blue & red square key chain
    Groom Pochette Pte wallet
    Jack & Lucy key chain in white/orange & multicolor
    Onatah GM leather in Aubergine
    Denim Neo Speedy in fushia
    Vernis Reade PM in framboise
    Black Multicolor Priscilla
    Sweet Monogram Pendant
    Sweet Monogram earrings
    Onatah PM Fleurs suede in yellow
  8. This year since October, I bought:
    Cherry Blossom satin Amarene
    Cherry blossom satin Griotte
    Panda ronde
    Cerise ronde
    Anouchka MM
    Anouchka PM
    Eye Miss You
    Conte de fees apple ronde

    :yahoo: :heart: :love:
  9. Ok now bear in mind that my very first LV purchase was only on the 25th October this year. I have so far.....

    Mono Speedy 25
    Mono Accessories Pochette
    Denim Mini Pleaty
    Epi Petite Noe
    Cashmere top in a stunning tealy blue colour

    :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:

    This forum is such a bad influence (but I love it LOL). I cannot wait to get so much more next year - scarves, jewellery, agenda, wallet. The list is endless. :graucho:
  10. This year I've got

    Batignolles Vertical
    Porte-Cle Fortune key holder
    MC phone wrist-strap
    Azur Koala Wallet
    Groom pochette cles
    Damier Belt

    2nd Hand:
    Mini Canvas Cherry Josephine PM
    Vernis Motif Wish Bracelete (pink)
    Conte de fees Pochette Patchwork handbag
    Conte de fees Butterfly coin bag


    I thought I haven't done a lots, but.....look at the lists...
  11. Started on April 25th collecting LV:
    Mono speedy 30
    Mono compact zip wallet
    black MC speedy
    black MC Lodge PM
    Damier speedy 30
    Damier papillon 30
    new red Epi speedy 25
    All 3 cherry blossom pochettes
    All 3 graffiti pochettes
    panda cles & panda pochette
    groom cles & groom ronde (I had a bought a bunch of other groom stuff but sold it to my BIL)
    mini lin cles
    cerises speedy, pochette & cles
    icons book
    birth of modern luxury book

    Phew...that's it!

    First bag of '07 will be that new patchwork speedy!
  12. I started the year slowly but kind of made up for lost time this fall :shame:

    Suede Onataha PM in Maiis
    Pink patent leather wedges (don't remember what they were called)
    Damier Speedy 30
    Black espadrilles
    Lavender Vernis Spring Street
    Leather Onatah GM in Aubergine
    White Inclusion Phonecharm
    Damier Azur Speedy 25
    Panda Keyring
    Miroir Pappillon in Silver (in the mail :wlae: )
    White MC Shirley (also in the mail :wlae: )
  13. This year:-
    fuschia baggy pm & extra strap
    mono charms pochette in taupe
    mono charms cles in taupe
    mono charms cles in fuscia
    velvet chains bandana in beige
    pink denim bandana
    pink antigua towel
    2x panda cles
    yellow epi cannes
    red epi pochette
    groom rond change purse
    red groom agenda
    2x red groom bandana
    yellow groom bandana
    pastilles multicolor long charm
    fuschia vernis cles
    azur cles
    black mono shawl
    mini mono beige pti
    icons book
    miroir silver speedy
    miroir gold pochette

    I think that's eveything (but still waiting for gold miroir speedy to arrive)
  14. i swear half of this list i thought i bought last year...i feel like i've had them forever!

    transparent inclusion
    azur cles
    azur pochette
    koala agenda
    damier speedy
    panda cles
    damier cles
    damier koala
    antigua cabas (blue)
    black inclusion bracelet
  15. I only started August 18th of this year collecting:
    MC Audra
    Damier Duomo
    Groom Porte Wallet
    Groom Rond Coin Holder

    The BF also started August 18th:
    Bill and Cheque Wallet
    Damier Geronimos
    Jeans Belt
    2 x Damier Logo Ties

    It wasn't too hard to "convert" him :graucho: (he's admired these designer brands even before moi!)....but I guess I could've had more for me instead of having to share.......:wtf: ! on BF, here comes 2007!