List your Hermes bags/accessories....

  1. I don't know if anyone else would think this is a good idea, so I'll just ask first - What if we each listed the things we have (not pics unless you want to)....I just can't keep track of who has what, and sometimes think of a new color I like and would like to know if someone has it in a certain bag, etc..... Kind of a reference this a good idea?Or am I just bored??!!!:graucho: Anyone?
  2. I think it's a good idea, especially since there are so many different styles. Also, the stores don't normally carry all the handbags and accessories. It will be great to know who has what so we can check on styles, colors and practicality of the bags/accessories.

    We can list them down or have a Hermes family picture:yahoo:
  3. Okay LaVan, I'll go - it will probably be a little scary, but here goes:

    Rouge H kelly 32 in chevre
    potiron birkin 30 togo
    Bleu roi ostrich 32 kelly
    fuschia bolide 31 chevre
    black box plume 28 (on it's way!)

    red small agenda bought from e-bay and a PF member I learned after!
    orange large scarf
    bolduc twilly

    I think that's it!
  4. Wow shoes! :love:

    Which leather is so far your favorite among your collection? Weight, durability, rigidness? Is your chevre Kelly lighter than the ostrich?
  5. A short list for me:

    *Bj clemence birkin 30 (soon to found a new mama)
    *Pegasus charm
    *Thalassa box birkin 30
    *Heart shaped leather charm
    *Light blue scarf (clueless about the name)
    *Fuchsia chevre kelly 32
  6. No bags yet but I do have:

    Paddock pocket square in pink
    Jeux de Ombres pocket square in prune/orange
    Enamel bracelet (not sure of the name, it's black/blue with gold trim)
    Enamel earrings

    I'll be getting another scarf next Saturday! :biggrin:
  7. * Potiron/Palladium Togo Birkin 35
    * Rouge Hermes Trim 31 Togo/Palladium
    * Orange Togo Ulysee Agenda pm
    * Blue Jean Bolduc Twilly
    * Orange/brown Bolduc Pochette and large Scarf
    * Toho Buhu Fuchsia large Scarf
    * Bunches of various pochette sized scarfs
    * Jardin Sur le Nil Perfume and lotion
  8. No fair LaVan you must 'fess up!! One day I did a weight test carrying the bags empty and IMO, the chevre kelly is lighter than the ostrich, then the ostrich, then the togo's hard to say there's a favorite! I love the simplicity of the bolide...the open-ness of the birkin, the ostrich for the ostrich!, and the rouge h for the color/chevre and style -- all unique! Can't wait for this long awaited plume in box, too (note to anyone buying from Jill's Consignment - they required bank check and it's been 2 weeks today that they've had it! Supposedly sent bag out yesterday - a little frustrating!);

    Crochetbella - do you like the bracelet? I showed DH on the internet but he didn't seem that interested for mother's day!
  9. Here's my list, but no Birkin yet! I also added some pictures from previous postings.

    * 32cm Kelly rigide, fuschia, chevre de coromandel, palladium
    * 27cm Bolide, royal blue, ostrich, palladium
    * Paris-Bombay, black, epsom, palladium
    * Kelly necklace, sterling silver
    * Farandole bracelet, sterling silver
    * Hapi Justine MM bracelet, potiron, chamonix
    * Horn and lacquer necklace
    * Horn Ano bracelet
    * Red shawl, mousseline silk (don't know name)
    * Orange Tohu Bohu scarf
    * Blue Passage à Paris scarf
    * Fuschia plissé scarf (don't know name)
    * White pochette scarf (don't know name)
    * Bordeaux Bolduc twilly
    * Lavender twilly (don't know name)
    * Scarf ring
    * Agenda GM, orange, lizard
    * Bearn wallet, violette, chevre mysore
    * Ulysse PM, blue jeans, togo
    * P-Photos Grand Papa, turquoise, chevre mysore
    * Sheep bookmark, fuschia, chevre mysore
    * H belt, palladium, fuschia, porosus crocodile (in atelier being shortened, it's taking a really long time!)
    * H belt, palladium, gold/black, epsom/chamonix
    * Hippopotamus lock
    * Green cashmere sweater
    * Rose Ikebana perfume
    Kelly_LaVan1.jpg Ostrich_Bolide_LaVan2.jpg LaVan_Hermes_Paris_Bombay.jpg Kelly_necklace_LaVan2.jpg hermes_bracelet_LaVan1.jpg horn_necklace_LaVan4.jpg hermes_wallet.jpg orange_scarf.jpg shawl_LaVan2.jpg Lizard_agenda_LaVan1.jpg
  10. Shoes, I love the bracelet! I got it from DH for our anniversary a few years ago and I wear it every day. It is like my signature piece and people always ask about it. :biggrin: The quality is so good, it has been banged around and still looks perfect. It's my most favorite thing that I own. :love:
  11. Thanks for the info on the weight shoes. I hope you get your plume soon!

    Hey, maybe your DH is more interested in buying you a bag for Mother's Day! :idea:
  12. :love: your bracelet crochetbella!

    I really love the design of some of the round enamel bracelets! How I wish they would make them a bit smaller! Even the smallest size doesn't fit me. :mad: :cry:
  13. 20 Hermes scarves
    2 twillys
    1 pair of suspenders
    2 Etrivere double tour belts (1 Barenia naturale, 1 Barenia nor)
    2 Collier de Chien belts (1 box noir, 1 courchevel gold)
    1 Western style belt gold
    1 Etrivere belt barenia noir
    3 Collier de Chien cuffs (1 box nor, 1 chamonix rouge H, 1 porosus noir)
    4 charms (2 pegasus, 1 elephant, 1 roulis ring)
    1 double Kelly necklace
    2 double Kelly bracelets (Rouge H, anthracite)
    2 Quite ou Double necklace
    1 Carmen key ring
    1 credit card holder
    1 change purse
    1 picotin PM etoupe/palladium
    1 Rock veau porc lisse/etoile
    1 Mangeoire togo noir
    1 sac marine black gulliver
    1 vintage Pullman box noir
    1 mini Plume box noir
    1 Garden Party PM noir
    1 Garden Party PM rouge imperiale
    1 Birkin 35cm togo noir/palladium
    1 Birkin 45cm togo noir/gold
    1 Kelly 28cm veau porc lisse/gold
    1 trim pochette croc noir
    1 fonsbelle burgundy box
    1 sac mallette croc porosus noir/gold
  14. 1) 35cm Rouge H Chevre Coromandel w/PH
    2) 28cm Black Boxcalf Kelly w/Guilloche PH
    3) Hermes medalion & chain
    Hermes Coin Pendant.jpg
  15. Ok, so here's my list:

    Birkin 40 Courchevel Gold gold/H
    Birkin 40 Vachette Ardennes Marron Glacè gold/H
    Birkin 35 Taurillon Clemence black gold/H
    Kelly 32 souple black box gold/H
    Kelly 32 souple Courchevel Gold gold/H
    Plume 32 Rouge H box gold/H
    Bolide 37 Taurillon Clemence Rouge H pall/H
    Masai PM Taurillon Clemence Etoupe pall/H
    Pullman croc Miel gold/H

    Scarf "Armes de chasse"
    Scarf "Equitation Japonaise"
    Scarf "Wedgwood"
    Scarf "L'or des Chefs"
    Scarf "Persona"

    Silver bracelet "Chaine d'Ancre" GM

    That's it for now...:flowers: