List your favorite bag in each line that you first!

  1. Monogram Canvas: Viva Cite MM
    Damier Canvas: Belem MM
    White MC Mono: Eliza
    Black MC Mono: Sologne
    Vernis: Pomme 4 key holder

    I think I need an Epi!
  2. Monogram: Keepall 55
    Perfo: Pochette Cles (Green)
    EPI: Pochette
    Mat: Multicles
    Damier: Broadway..

    I think I need to get back in the game..;)
  3. I only own one piece from each doubles!

    Monogram Canvas -Speedy 30
    Azur - Speedy 25
    Denim -Fuchsia Baggy PM
    MC - White Wapity
    Inclusion -Beige Speedy Keychain
    Epi- Red Pochette
    Vernis - Pomme D'Amour Roxbury Drive
    Cerises -Cles
  4. Monogram: Sophie
    Denim: Baggy PM
    Vernis: Bronze Reade
    Damier: Speedy
    Azur: Mini Pochette
    Inclusion: Framboise Speedy Key Chain
    MC: Heart
  5. Monogram: Recital
    MC: Priscilla
    Demin: Fushia Mini pleaty
    Vernis: Pomme Reade PM
    Damier: Belem

    i hope to get something in monogram mini lin!
  6. Monogram:keepall60
    Cerises: Keepall
    MC: Speedy
    LE: Stephen embosse and leopard
    Damier: papillon
    Denim: Baggy Gm
    Pet Accessories: Sac Chein
    Ambre: large tote can't remember the name
  7. I only own 1 piece from each line... I like to mix it up!

    Mono- Speedy 30
    Denim- Baggy PM
    Multicolor- Pastilles Keychain & Jack & Lucie
    Mini Lin- Ebene Speedy 30
    Vernis- Pomme Cles
    Damier- 4-key Holder
    Groom- Yellow Agenda
  8. Cherry Blossom- Pochette
    Cerise- Pochette
    Groom- Cles
    Multicolore- Petit Noe in White
    Damier- Tribeca
    Denim- Baggy PM
    Epi- Yellow Soufflot
  9. Hmm ok..

    Monogram- BH
    Damier- Speedy
    Vernis- Biscayne Bay GM (rouge)
    MC- Alma (white)
    Epi- Jasmin (mandarin)
    Cerises- Speedy
    Cherry Blossom- Pochette (brown/pink)
    Panda- Pochette
    Graffiti- Pochette (peach)
    Damier Azur- Pochette
    Groom- PTI
    Charms- Cabas (taupe)
    Perfo- Musette (fuchsia)
    LE- Denim Chinchilla Demi Lune
  10. Monogram Canvas: Sophie
    Epi: Speedy in Ivorie
    Multicolore: Alma in white
    Damier: Speedy 25
    Damier Azur: Speedy 25
    Vernis: Roxbury Drive in Pomme d'Amour
    Miroir: Papillon in gold
    Suhali: Le Tal in black
    Trompe L'Oeil: Pochette
    Charms: Pochette in Taupe
    Perfo: Pochette in Fuchsia
    Cerises: Sac Plat
    Panda: Billfold
    Groom: Cles
    Robert Wilson: Reade MM in orange
    Onatah: Onatah GM in Cocoa
    Cruise: McKenna Shine bag
    LE: Suede Theda PM
  11. Hehe. What about Miroir? ;)
  12. monogram classic
    1- papillon 30
    2- popincourt haut
    3- manhattan PM
    4- Tikal GM
    5- French purse

    mono perfo
    1-speedy orange

    1-eliza black
    2- aurelia gm white

    1- mini pleaty fuchsia

    mini lin

    1- speedy 25 ebony
    2-speedy 30 azur

    1-passy red
    2- segur PM

    1- Reade PM Pomme
    2- Hand phone strap framboise
    3- Ludlow framboise

    and audra Multicolor on the way!!!!:yahoo:
  13. mono- speedy 25
    damier- ribera mini
    vernis- red spring street
    epi- red epi agenda
  14. :drool:

    i think i read the thread wrong :blush:
  15. Mono: BV
    Damier: Papillon 30
    MC: Black speedy
    Epi: Red speedy 25
    Groom: Ronde
    Panda: Pochette
    Graffiti: Peach pochette
    Cherry Blossom: Brown/pink pochette
    Cerises: Speedy
    Vernis; Pomme Roxbury
    Mini Lin: Cles
    Dentelle: Gold speedy (well hopefully it'll become a favorite later this week)