List your accessory must haves here!

  1. I do a lot of shopping and I'm often complimented on my style/clothing. However, I've noticed that when I shop I often by foundational pieces and builder pieces as far as clothing goes. I also have great handbags, a few belts and a couple of hats. Basically, my closet runneth over with clothing, shoes, handbags but really no great accessories--other than a few pashminas and I also have great jewelry but rarely wear the pieces I buy. I usually stick to my traditional diamond studs, wedding band and a tennis bracelet--and watch of course. All of my fun jewelry--, hoops and chandelier earrings...nice ethnic pieces and unique finds remain in my jewelry drawer.....

    What are your accessory must haves? What tops off your outfit and gives you just the 'right' look? Please share...
  2. Some simple jewlery, or maybe a nice headband, I think. Some jewlery that matches your outfit would really stand out.
    I also really like scarves, there's so many ways you could wear them, on your head, around your neck, as a belt etc etc
  3. I guess my favorites as far as jewelry accessories are my bangles, white gold and yellow gold and diamond, all mixed together, from 4 to 7 of them depending on my mood., large earrings, either ear hugging or hoops or precious stones, (Michael Dawkins, Stephen Dweck, etc, in fashion jewelry and otherwise, my longtime favorite gold hoops, wide cuff bracelet, large charm bracelets, gold necklaces that can be mixed and matched, etc.I have been wearing these forever., always also try to add an unexpected or mismatched piece, such as a St. John jacket with a pair of jeans, white jeans with a St. John black and white jacket., a lace long sleeve fitted shirt with cropped armani casual age prevents me from many more daring looks I would love to try but, my basics are white, black or beige tops and bottoms, same with jackets, short cropped, or to the hip bone, hunt for anything armani, ellie tahari, ellen tracy, carmen marc volvo on major sale, and the unexpected, animal print belt, (calf-hair preferably), sandals in prints, (D & G has some fabulous ones in their less expensive store), antique gold chain belts, sometimes 2 worn at once, the pristine white shirt under a black satin or silk jacket with wide pants and a moschino or pucci or such type scarf wrapped around the lower waist/hip and held with a fabulous pin.....OH heck I could go and on............Love to accessorize!!!!!
  4. I accesorize with shoes, handbags, and some jewelry. I don't try to match my outfit to my accesories, I usually just wear what I feel like and put together different things. I think nice earrings or a necklace along with a great bag can complement a nice outfit.
  5. ^^ This is my main problem I've found. When it comes to accessories I try often to be too matchy matchy. If it doesn't look right to me I just take the accessory I'm trying to get to the point where I don't care about the accessories matching but it's difficult.

    Little background on me..I've always been an all black I love the sophisticated look of black on black and it was always my 'signature' for a long time. I wore it well but not too much thought went into it. That's why I liked For the past few years I've kind of left black behind..BIG step for I've been wearing colors, patterns..etc.

    --you gave me many excellent ideas. I have many of those items you mentioned in my closet and accessories drawer that I've not been using. I'm going to have to just start trying things out more and see how it goes...

    Each person gave great ideas so far...:yes::flowers: Thanks!
  6. A great handbag and cute earrings. I don't wear much jewelry so earrings is the only thing I wouldn't leave without.
  7. I love headbands and lately I've been buying cute gold necklaces, tasteful gold necklaces not the "gangsta" gold necklaces :nuts:. I especially like the one with the long chain. I wish I could post some pics :p I have some earrings too but since I like wearing necklaces, I haven't been wearing my earrings. It might look too much. I like bangles too and cute rings.
  8. Jewelry, shoes and handbag.

    I always wear diamond studs or pearl earrings.
  9. besides bags and shoes, i second socalgem on the diamond studs or pearls. i also try to get good use out of my belts (try matching your belt color with shoes) and watches. :smile:
  10. Silk scarves/sashes! You can wear them around the neck, as belts, as headbands.. they're great for adding a little bit of flair to any outfit. They're also very versatile in that they can make an outfit look more classy or more fun depending on how you wear them.
  11. Definitely bling. Whether faux (my preference) or non-faux, that is what sets the mood, and lets the same basic outfit be simple and quiet and conservative, festive or whimsical or retro or sophisticated or chic or fashionista, all depending on your mood!
  12. I like to match my jewelry with the colors of my clothing sometimes, but I usually wear my diamond studs everyday :yes:
  13. A scarf - the only occasions I've been complimented on my dressing is whenever I wear a scarf :smile:
  14. i love accessories, here are my lists :

    - long chain necklace
    - more long chain necklace in different length
    - long long knit scarf
    - long long silk or cotton scarf
    - suspender (for boyish look)

    i don't wear earrings or bracelets though
  15. I can't leave the house without "something", like necklace and scarf, scarf and something dangling from my belt, keychain attachted somewhere, SUNGLASSES paired up differently. I'm an accessoires addict and it's not getting better.