List or Post Pics of your Feb, 2007 purchases!!

  1. Me-
    Azur speedy 30
    Denim Cruise 07 scarf
    Pomme ludlow wallet
    Used Epi yellow Alma (on the way)

    What kind of financial damage did you make just in one month?:graucho:
  2. Well so far just the Pomme D;Amor Roxburry but we still have three days in February :smile:
  3. eep. i am not sure i wanna know

    azur speedy 30
    pomme vernis mutlicles
    conte de fees apple change holder
    jack and lucie
    red epi card holder (which i was going to return and i lost in my house!)
    something else...

    i think that's it...
  4. just a azur speedy 30 and graffit silver pochette (on the way) for me... but i've ordered two pairs of show shoes and waitlisted two bags.... eek!
  5. :sweatdrop:
    Pomme Ludlow
    Groom Cles
    Mini epi myrtille
    mono mini pochette (may sell to get azur instead.)

    and maybe a lexington.. :nuts:

    for my mother I got her an epi compact wallet in red, and on the lookout for a bag for her. (She wants louis vuitton, but she won't admit it.)
  6. mono petite bucket
    Reade pm in Pomme
  7. Only my Azur Speedy 30 :love: (VDay gift) No more LV til May/June..:sad: Now time to search for my next LV! :search: Aww, the fun of the chase..:graucho:

  8. I've gotten so far,

    Pomme Agenda
    Indigo ludlow
    Azur pochette
    Red groom key chain (eBay fellow TPF member)

    I think thats all, but we still have 3 days left.
  9. 3 days left:sneaky:~NO I WON'T BUY ANY MORE LVs, please~

  10. lol 3 days left!
  11. Indigo French Purse
    Indigo 4 Key Holder
    Pomme Pochette Wallet
    Pomme 4 Key Holder

  12. I can't wait to see your epi alma, sounds gorge! I am loving all these pics of azur speedies!
  13. Ok, I think these were all in Feb (the Uzes might have been the end of Jan):

    Mono Lockit (Horizontal)
    Pomme zippy wallet
    large agenda (desk)
    Framboise keychain
    Azur Saleya MM
    Mono Rivet bag (will be here Wed)
    Perfo Fuschia Speedy (will be here Tues--still undecided on this)
    3 bandeaus
    Tikal Pochette
    **Oh, and I can't forget my STINKY (reeks of SMOKE) MC speedy from Ebay :crybaby: I've filed a claim and hoping to get my money not sure it counts! LOL

    Ugh!! When I put it all down, that's ALOT!!! :shame:
  14. You guys have bought quite alot in a month.This month got a cles which was a present.