List or Lady Luck?

  1. As I'm laying the groundwork with DH to become a Birkin owner, I'm wondering how many of you ladies have come into your Birkin baby by luck or by getting on the list. I'm not picky, so I hope that works in my favor!
  2. The combo of a fabulous SA and lady luck!
  3. LVChelsea, I do not like to be tied down to a list. It's just me.....I am a buy it now, type of shopper, but there is organization to my madness.

    If I've seen pics, or thought about a particular piece or style, I'll have it in mind then buy when it's offered.

    With Special Orders, I'm likely as not to change my mind the next day and cancel the request:shrugs:
  4. I've done both. I bought my havane swift Birkin on a whim when it was on the shelf at my local store, and I've ordered a few from my wonderful SAs.
  5. You need to pave the way with your intentions and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.
  6. lady luck, i got mine at a new H store opening (they had about 20-30 birkins then, now all long sold).
  7. a) Develop a good relationship with your local or nearest Hermes store AND
    b) Make it a point to visit the local hermes store when you travel (especially Paris or Tokyo where they do not have strict waiting lists)
  8. My first birkin purchase was just being blessed and having a great SA. The bag was in the back and she offered it to me.

    Since then I have gotten on the list for a few other colors, put in a special order, and in general if there is a birkin that my SA thinks I will like, she will call me.
  9. luck and a good SA.. u definitely need both :smile: