List One Brand that Dominates Your Bag Collection

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  1. List the one brand that dominates your bag collection.
    Do you plan to buy more or less from that same brand this year?
  2. For me, I have different brands in my collection, but the one brand that I have the most of is Louis Vuitton. After looking at the spring collection on a different thread, I probably will buy less LVs this year and probably buy more from other brands.
  3. I have lots of LV bags at the moment. I'll propably buy more Mulberry and Gucci this year.
  4. LV =) i'm trying to buy other brands that I don't have.. like Dior =)
  5. Coach, but will be moving on to LV and MJ.
  6. I basically have one bag per brand. :lol: Hopefully I can start racking up on more bags.
  7. the only brand i have more than one of is chloe. but i just heard phoebe philo has left the building of chloe so who knows what may happen to this brand now. i often don't like everything from any brand. i'm usually picky, one bag here, one bag there. but this year i think i may give in to another LV the neo speedy, is SO cute. and new brands, mcqueen the novak, and possibly another balenciaga, but same style, and i want the dior gaucho. anyway, i think it's mostly a similar style BAG, more than the same designer for me.
  8. VERSACE....... I don't really see versace's fans here..... nobody likes versace anymore?
  9. lv lv lv.....for me at least!
  10. I don't have more than 2 of any brand; 2 each of MJ and Luella, but one of everything else. I'm likely to keep looking for something special from new and different brands. But I may also end up finding a 2nd Isabella Fiore.
  11. Right now it is Coach, but I am just starting and learning to appreciate all of the fabulous designers out there. so far, I only have 1 bag from any other designers. Chloe', Botkier, Brahman & Dooney. I would like to add a LV, Hayden Harnett & some day a Chanel to my collection.
  12. I have a lot of Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, and, not really one particular brand that dominates. Just a lot of bags from a few brands.
  13. a lot of lv, and a lot of coach ... some gucci and dior sprinkled in. I'd like to see how dior does this year; I used to be absolutely in love with almost everything that they made, but that's changed a bit.
  14. Definitely Louis Vuitton. And I'm planning to expand the collection this year
  15. Fendi and Balenciaga.
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