List of what I just saw at Saks prior to increase

  1. 2 Large black totes, caviar with gold hardware $1695
    1 small black tote, caviar with gold hardware
    1 medallion tote, white with silver hardware $1600 something
    1 medallion tote, pink with silver hardware $1600 something
    1 classic flap with gold hardware, one chain only, beige, $1395, awesome beige color,caviar) I think this is the small
    1 medium classic flap white caviar with silver hardware
    1 black caviar medallion tote, gold $1600 something.
    telephone number is 305-662-8655 extension 355 and ask for the Chanel Specialist, I believe her name is Francis., my saleslady is already gone for the day.
  2. Extension for Frances at Chanel is 357 not 355, she has stuff in the back of the classic also, will only be at Saks for another half and hour, that is, until 8:10 p.m., or so, tell her you are from the purse forum and she will give you the readout on all she has available, good luck!
  3. So did you get your Medallion Tote?
  4. Were the large totes GST's?
  5. YES!!!!!I got it!!!and preordered the clutch in red at current price!!!!
  6. Congrats! I've got the Medallion Tote (in black) and it's a great bag. Enjoy.
  7. Orange! call her, she is the chanel rep, and can answer all your questions!But, yes, I believe it is the GST, the one with one zipper in the middle and two open compartments with the gold chain and leather shoulder insert in caviar with the 2 CC's/. there were 2 of those and maybe some in the back also.
  8. Ohhh thanks! I cant decide between the GST and the medallion. I tried the medallion on tonight at my local Chanel boutique. I'm torn!! :sweatdrop:
  9. thanks to this thread I also just placed an order for the medium white caviar classic flap, $1595 w/o tax (!) but will be overnight to me tomorrow so I should get it on Friday. The ordering process was frustrating (SA is working OT for me so she didn't sound too nice....with a little attitude esp. when I emphasized for a few time I want signature required AND insurance due to stolen packages happened twice to me when shopping with NM....and my credit card company block the transaction twice due to security measure, and I have to call them twice to remove the block....which in turn slow down the process and made the SA sounded even more rude...)...

    BUT, I am hoping by Friday what I will see is a perfect white bag that I will just love, and I hope i can overcome my fear of getting it dirty and actually use it!!!

    Say good luck to me!!!
  10. wow hikarupanda, where do you live to get free tax?i should have had you order one for me!!
  11. Someone on another post said the current price would be honored on existing inventory, do not know if this is true, but if it is, you can still call in the morning or try my sa who will be back, her name is Lazara, 305-663-8655 ext 355, tell her Cristina sent you.
  12. Are the price increases for EVERYTHING?
  13. No! not on everything.