list of the "motherstores" in the U.S. (non concession)

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  1. I belive this is the complete list of the non-concession stores in the U.S., the ones that share their computer databases, and can cross-reference your purchases.
    Beverly Hills
    Costa Mesa
    San Francisco
    Washington D.C,
    Bal Harbour
    Palm Beach
    New York
    Las Vegas
    Ala Moana
    and I think Waikiki....:smile: That's all!
    If "yours" is not on the is independently owned.
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  3. Yes, you should my dear mod!
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  5. OOOps sorry ladies:shame:
  6. Oh no Avandome- you did such a great job we wanted to make this more of a permanent thread for everyone! Kudos to you my dear!
  7. Thank you for posting this, Avan!!!

    Now I know which stores to stay away from so that my local store won't know if I cheated on them.:p
  8. LOL...LV could not find my name in the database after multiple purchases from Costa Mesa...and SF did not even try...
  9. This is good to know! Thanks Avan!
  10. Some SA's will of course never bother to look, but these stores have connected databases, so if you are in Chicago, (for example) the can (if they are not lazy), check for a scarf, or belt, or bracelet you may be looking for (probably will not do a bag unless you are very VIP, ) and have it transfered to your local store. But it is only amongst the stores listed above as far as I know.
  11. I have a related question: WHO owns the "franchise" stores?
  12. Hi everyone,

    Denver store opening in early 2009, I believe. Is it a franchise?

    Thanks, and I love learning from all of you.
  13. Waikiki - yes!
    I called them, and they had my info on a screen within a minute.
    So I wondered if they put in whatever I purchased from them.
    Are purchases entered into the database along with address and phone
  14. Please add KoP
  15. Is KOP a franchise? I thought I heard mention of it as a reason that they don't charge tax for out of state shipments.

    There is a new store opening up in San Diego in the next few months, and also in the Seattle, WA area - I believe in Bellevue.