List of silver charms?

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  1. I'm trying to track down a list of all of the styles that the silver charms come in. I've done a couple searches on this forum and only found a couple of styles. There must be more! Please help.
  2. Are you looking for the sterling silver charms, silver clasp charms or both?? =)
  3. I'm making a comprehensive list of all of Juicy's charms so I can definitely help lol...

    Sterling Silver:
    *Bowler Bag
    *Flying Pig
    *Heart Padlock
    *Lovestruck Heart (Heart w/arrow)
    *Perfume Bottle

    Silver Colored (Plated):
    *Lucky 7
    *Broken Heart Set
    *Crown w/Pearl
    *Cupcake (Lilac)
    *Heart (Puff Pave)
    *Ice Cream Cone
    *Kiera Wedge Sandal
    *Knight's Helmet
    *Peep Toe Heel
    *Soccer Ball (Blue)
    *Takeout Box
  4. I think... too that there was a sterling silver crown charm as well! Someone might be able to confirm this?
  5. Hmm, I know of this one for sure but not any others. If there was one, I'd love a pic for my list, I can't find anything on google now lol.
  6. I know evalueville was selling one not too long ago... I've personally never seen it. It was right around the time thay also had the heart locket.. I can't find any pics of it either? =(
  7. I'm wondering if it broken or missing something, seems to be the norm with their auctions at times. I love crowns for some reason... but the sterling charms are just so expensive!

    Let's hope you can find a stock photo or regular photo in general for that one too! =)
  8. Thanks for your help ladies! I thought all of the charms were sterling silver. Good to know there are silver plated ones too. Do those tarnish at all? How is the wear and tear on them?

    Also, are there sterling silver starter bracelets or are they all silver plated?

    Is that list complete? I'm looking for all silver (both sterling and silver plated) that are detachable and preferably sold separately (not sets).
  9. ^Yup, the list is pretty much complete now, listing all individual charms (not sets) until they come out with any new ones. They rarely release any sterling silver charms due to the price (i.e. the flying pig was $148) and they're not really great sellers because of it.
    So I think they started making the silver plated ones because people wanted the look of the silver charms without having to pay the higher prices of the sterling ones.

    I would imagine that the sterling silver ones would tarnish a bit but would clean up well with a Tiffany's silver polishing cloth or silver cleaning solution. I don't think the silver plated ones will tarnish though but I can't be positive.

    As for the bracelets, most of the ones that I've seen are just silver plated, not sterling, but there WAS a sterling bracelet at one time:
  10. ^ You're awesome, thanks for your help.

    I think I've decided that I'm going to start a sterling collection. I wear a lot of sterling silver so it just seems fitting to go that route.

    I saw a JC crown starter bracelet on E-bay that claims to be sterling. I'm not sure if that's true, I think I need to look into it a bit more.
  11. You're welcome, glad to help!

    And also, just as a general rule, you can tell which are sterling silver vs. which are silver plated based on the boxes (as long as they're in the right box).
    Sterling silver- Shiny silver boxes w/light pink velour lining
    Silver plated- Fuchsia box w/light pink terrycloth lining or light pink and silver striped box w/light pink terrycloth lining.
  12. LadyV, there is also a JC sterling silver bracelet that comes with several charms. It is the only bracelet with charms that I do wear, because the charms are a bit smaller. If one checks around it can be had for about $250 on sale, but the FP is $395.

    There is also the luxe silver starter bracelet, that is at least partially sterling, or so the description sometimes says anyways. It's pretty enough to wear by itself with no charms too.
  13. ^Is that the Icons bracelet? I remember that one, the charms on it don't have their own clasps though, right?


    And here's the Luxe starter bracelet, I think it's silver plated:
  14. LV, correct on the sterling charm bracelet. Charms are attatched with rings.

    The silver Luxe starter bracelet is described as having sterling links, see the JC description copied from the JC site...

    "Sterling silver oval links and rings. Pavé Swarovski® crystal bows and "J" crest stations. Heart charm with gold-tone "Juicy Couture" scroll; lobster clasp with embossed signature crown. Oversized signature toggle closure."

    I like this bracelet because it's nice enough to wear by itself.