List of Shoulder/Chain Strap Drop Lengths


Nov 3, 2007
Here is a brief list of the shoulder/chain strap drop lengths for several bags that are not adjustable (off the YSL website). These are for some styles that I have considered recently but please feel free to add others to the list.

I prefer to wear my bags on the shoulder rather than cross-body. I’m about 5’4.5” or 164cm tall and for my personal preference, anything with a strap longer than 50-52cm generally tends to sit too low on the hip when I wear it on the shoulder. Of course, it depends on the size of the bag as well (even with a long strap, a shorter bag may still sit higher than a taller one).

  • Medium College – 55cm
  • Large College - 36.5cm
  • Medium Soft Envelope Monogram – 55cm
  • Large Soft Envelope Monogram - 50cm
  • Medium Sunset – 51cm
  • Sunset Chain Wallet – 57cm
  • Small Loulou – 50cm
  • Blogger – 60cm
  • Medium Kate – 48cm
  • Monogram Chain Wallet (Smaller one with leather strap) – 58cm
  • Monogram Chain Wallet (Larger one without leather strap) – 48cm


Mar 31, 2017
I have the baby cabas monogram and the shoulder strap drop is 53 cm even though it says 43 cm on their website! So I called the store and they said they didn't know why that would happen. I'll bring the bag in next week and see what they can do. If not I guess I'll have to sell it despite how much I adore this bag because I know I won't reach for it and it will just sit in my closet. 53 cm is way too long for me. I'm only 5'2" :sad:


Jan 6, 2007
I really wonder why the hell they did the shoulder strap of the large woc Shorter than on the smaller size ??? so stupid. it's way too short to wear it crossbody