List of Proven Reputable eBay CL Sellers.

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  1. Sorry if this is redundant but I didn't see any threads like this. I figured that in order to help alleviate some of the constant stream of "Authenticate This!" we could start a list of eBay resellers of CL.

    I'll start with sole_central. My first (and probably last until I get out of school haha) purchase of CL was from this wonderful reseller based in New York. Her eBay storefront can be found here. I sent her the payment via PayPal on Tuesday and received the shoes on Friday. She offers free shipping (at least currently) to the US. The shoes she sells are absolutely authentic, and I'm very happy with my purchase. She was well-recommended when I asked about her on the "Authenticate This!" thread, so I'm glad I found this resource.

    Anyway, I hope others choose to post their most positive online auction buying experiences.
  2. I have purchased from Only_Moda and from luchia* on ebay and was very satisfied. But its great to know you guys have a site that actually mentions lots of others (some of which I have been weary about). . . THANKS!!!
  3. oh God. Even this thread has enabled me. I was hoping sole trader were rubbish as I have fallen in love with one of their shoes and it is the only way to stop me. But they are fantastic. I'm doomed to overspend.
  4. i purchased from only_moda too and was extremely satisfied. it was my first time ebaying for loubs so i was terrified of receiving a fake but she was brilliant.
  5. Afraid to say my dealings with only moda were that they were incredibly rude, very unhelpful to the point of offensiveness and had a total lack of customer service, They seem to be many different people and apparently have a factory who they don't seem to be able to get info from without 48 hours wait. Not the same person replied to me on any occasion so I was constantly repeating myself and asking the same questions. Following losing out on my item due to the factory not providing information, they refused to respond to me and I would never use them even if they cost less. I felt they completely did not care if I bought or didn't buy. :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: