List of LV Re-sellers/ Consignment Shops/ eStores

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  1. Thanks heaps
  2. Hi!
    Does anybody know if LV does mail order & ship overseas, like how Bal & Prada do?
    Any email add of the Stores in Milan or Paris?
    Thanks much!!

  3. Yes, will be interested to know of any contacts in these stores and if they ship overseas, specifically to Australia. Some of the prices here are just ridiculous hey
  4. Hi anyone know buy & sell 2ndhandbag store in Australia (Melbourne & Sydney) ? Thanks ladies :smile:
  5. There's a specific thread about authentication . Lee and Addy are very specific about where and how to post items to be authenticated .
  6. Sorry I accidentally posted it there by mistake, and cannot delete it.
  7. I would ASSUME not, their verbiage seems to be the same as Romanovilla.

    Edit: actually the answer seems to be a NO do a search for Lazata here, they are shady.
  8. does consignments now, it looks like a store named Luxury Mart sells the consignments? :confused1:

    I am a little skeptical sending off my high priced bags, has anyone had any experience selling with Luxury Mart?

  9. No these are fakes.
  10. I know you wrote this awhile ago but I also used to window shop at Haven't checked in awhile but I was ify about the mixed reviews; sometimes the bags are in great condition some are not in good conidition.

    I wondered why no one mention them earlier in this thread.
  11. Hi. any experience with Selling tons of designer kit, including LV handbags for less than 1/2 price. can they be trusted?? Thanks
  12. I'm pretty sure they're fakes.
    One thing I do when I come across a site like that, I read the " about us" section ( usually in small print at the bottom of the page).
    If it says we our a wholesaler who gets our products directly from the factory or we buy damaged or seconds from the designer, that's a clue to me they are knock offs.
    Some designers destroy damaged goods,orthers send them to their outlet stores ( and LV ) doesn't have one or they sell the to TJ Maxx ( usually Coach & DB).
    hope that helps
  13. love this! thank you so much, this is a great thread!
  14. Has anyone bought anything from The Attic Place in Singapore? If so, what was your opinion?
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