List of LV Re-sellers/ Consignment Shops/ eStores

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    In NO way does this thread promote any seller/shop/e-store or guarantee the authenticity of any items. Please post anything you are interested in, in the Authenticate This LV thread for review BEFORE buying.

    This thread is for information only - please do a search for the seller/shop/e-store for any comments BEFORE you post a question. Thank you!

    Ok everyone here is how it works. I post link, review the site, shipping rates, item to buy and my Robin rating (1 to 5)

    1. Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ ~

    Love this man. Great stuff, great prices, free shipping. Email him if you cant find what you are looking for and he will look for you. Good customer service.
    SHIPPING- Free!!!!!!!
    ITEM TO DIE FOR OF THE WEEK- Not one but two Cherry Blossom pochettes at around $400 each with free ship
    ROBIN'S RATING- 4 (Wanted to give him 5 but some Pf'ers said that his inventory smelled like moth balls. In my personal exp everything smells fine).

    2. Authentic Louis Vuitton for Sale

    Mrs. Troppo was a small but nice selection of LV plus some rare vintage items and she is worth a look.
    SHIPPING- Included on most items
    ITEM TO DIE FOR OF THE WEEK- Vintage train case for $549

    3. - Bienvenue

    Everyone loves Karen!!!! No review needed, if you have never heard of her, check out her website NOW. Boy I would love to live in her closet for one day.
    SHIPPING- $8 an item
    ITEM TO DIE FOR OF THE WEEK- Multicolore Jessica Ballarina flats size 9 for $420

    4. We Buy and Sell Pre-owned Authentic Louis Vuitton, LV, Chanel Handbag and purse

    Another guy from hong Kong (Largest LV second hand city, I believe) he has great stuff at fair prices but his shipping is insane
    SHIPPING- Varies but very pricey. Factor that into your bag price.
    ITEM TO DIE FOR OF THE WEEK- Small Graffiti Alma PM for $850


    Im not really into the snob, for one thing her stuff looks really old and pics are not taken too well. The prices are high too
    SHIPPING- Yikes. $15 and up depending on how much you spend. Doesnt make for a loyal customer.
    ITEM TO DIE FOR OF THE WEEK- I dont know. It will prob be there next week. High prices and expensive shipping means her stuff dont move.

    6. Ann's Fabulous Finds

    I love Ann!!!!!!!! She sells all designer goods, some LV and while she might not get alot of items all the time she is my favorite. I bought a mini monogram Josephine Pm from her for a great price ($350) and her customer service was outstanding! I cant stress how wonderful this website is enough. I just wish she got more LV items in. (Check out some of her sold items. Her prices are amazing and you will kick yourself for missing out on such treasures such as a multicolore address book for $160)
    SHIPPING- Free after $250
    ITEM OF THE WEEK TO DIE FOR- New Demin Speedy for $1300
    ROBIN'S RATING- 5 Bonus- Ann gives her own ratings on the condition of her items so you know what your getting exactly.

    7. LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - No.1 for authentic designer brands, new used and vintage. Hermes, Chanel, Vuitton, Prada, Bag

    The prices are kinda high but they are from Aussie so all prices down there escalate. Good selection nothing looks used and they have LV mens ties for decent prices if you ever consider getting your man something
    SHIPPING- Free from FED EX
    ITEM OF THE WEEK TO DIE FOR- Periwinkle Lexington for $450

    8. Ooh-la-Louis

    This website is only for those of us lucky to have hit the lotto (not me). The only link that works is luxury and their prices are insane but their goods are outstanding.
    SHIPPING- Not sure. Website is kind of hard to figure out
    ROBIN'S RATING- 2 I wanted to give them more but their prices are terrible but they have such cool rare things.

    Ok everyone my boyfriend has arrived home so I will post part two later!!!!!!!
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