LIST OF GGH! This guy is killing me!

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  1. SA told me in GGH he had Sahara-Charbon-castanga in the city now has.

    PT GGH- RUBY-Pommier-Sahara-Anthra

    Getting in PT GGH:


    City GGH getting:

    I am so confused!!!
  2. Why are you confused?
  3. First I was searching for the Anthracite GGH then the guy tells me he also has the Charbon and Castanga, researched those colors and they are nice going between the Anthra and the Castanga. Then he sends me this list coming with GGH, help! I think I am going to stick with original search and get the Anthracite, now just either the PT or the City? I have 2 City RH like the size, was in NM yesterday and tried a PT in Pourpre maybe just the color but looked a little elongated for me?
  4. Go with your 1st choice, with Bals it's a trial & error. Then with a few hits & misses.. you'll know what style works for you and what doesn't. G-luCK~!
  5. I think you should go with Anthra GGH in the City. The PT is nice and I own both, but prefer the shape of the City best.
  6. I am going with the ANthra GGH and going to try the PT as I already have 3 city 2 w/RH and one coming in w/GGH and a Matelasse, now ths one PT GGH have some variety . Thanks so much for all your help!
  7. I second this!
  8. Yeah! I ordered the PT in the Anthracite GGH! He said should have in a few days. I am in NJ and they are in NY right next door. So should not be that long! Excited as now I have 2 coming in, the Anthracite PT GGH and the Red Rouge Vermillion GGH from Erica! Good thing I sold some of my other bags and 2K to give hubby or he would have my head! :lolots: