List of Fake Sites

  1. Hey everyone, could you girls tell me all the sites that you know of that sell fakes?

    I want to make a list of fake and untruthful sites for the public, for free.

    You can actually check it out anytime at

    Thanks A Lot,
  2. Not a good idea to include eluxury on a page about fakes - even if it is to say they are a legit seller - it looks confusing.

    Oh and styledrops - they're legit aren't they?
  3. I've read in a lot of places that they sell "superfakes".
  4. I highly doubt that eluxury sells any kind of fakes, super or not. They're owned by LVMH. You realy should do your homework before making allegations like that.
  5. In my humble opinion, I dont think making a list of fakes on a site like this is a good idea. It would be like advertising them...
  6. I never said that eluxury sells fakes.

    I know they sell only Authentic items.

    I was talking about

    You should really read the post better before making allegations :yes: lol.

    Sorry, I just had to say it.

  7. I thought people in this forum only like authentic items?
  8. Yes we do! Which is why I dont think listing fake sites is right for this forum. We have enough 'fake' members peddling their wares as it is without telling everyone where fakes are available..

    Just my opinion ;)
  9. Sorry about that, your post wasn't too clear and I didn't look at your website.

  10. lol no problem

  11. I see, well would you like for me to close/delete this thread?

    If I can even do that lol.

  12. Totally agree about it being a bad idea.

    And I think you're wrong about styledrops.

  13. I see, I'll look into it.