List of Designer bags produced in China

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  1. I was inspired by this thread :
    That pointed out that many high end designers are moving their production to China or at least have parts produced in China.
    So I posted this:
    I think it would be good to know for anyone who may not want to pay 2K for a Premiere bag made in China.
    I have RM bags which are made in China and I am aware of that and won't complain at this price range. But I also own Fendi.

    If anyone has a good strategy in regards to collecting info let me know. My idea was to share on this thread where your bags are made (looking at the tag)...or whatever you have read about a specific brand, like Burberry moving production, and I'd make it into a neat list organized by designers from A-Z for everyone to read :smile:

    Anyone interested?
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  2. Here is a short list of brands from the top of my head:

    - Longchamp (they also have bags being made in France).
    - Alexander Wang (he is not considered as a "premier" designer on TPF, but his collection is always found in the "designer" category at department stores. So I'm going to add him into this list).
    - MCM - Their bags are made in Korea.
    - Prada (I heard they moved production to China).
  3. This is a great idea. I don't know of any "designers" per se... but here's my opinion...

    All handbags are made in China.
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  4. Oh I did not know that about MCM! I do own a MCM bag too!

    It would also be interesting to know about bags made in other countries outside of Europe like Tunisia. I have a SB Chloé bag mde in Tunisia.

    I can add brands (not all premiere)


    All made in China
  5. Counterfeiters have claimed that they actually make parts for both, the fake market and Louis Vuitton and other high end brands, which then "finish" their products in Europe which enables them to put the tag.
  6. Massaccesi handbags are made in Italy! Marco Massaccesi makes every bag bespoke for an excellent price. Check out the Massaccesi thread, right in this section.
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  7. LOL! Just about.........!

  8. Some of Burberry are made in China but as far as I've seen Prorsum are made in Italy (including mine)

  9. This will come as news to the numerous ateliers in Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, England, the US, etc.
  10. However OP is talking about 'high end designers' and not the ateliers who aren't really considered high end in the same sense of the word. There are definitely some extremely talented craftsmen in these countries who put out a stellar product.
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    No contradiction: I indeed meant the workshops (ateliers) of high-end designers, not small independents, which continue to be located and productive in the countries I mentioned--not in China.
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  12. Thank you for that response. It would be helpful to this thread if you can mention each designer in the countries you refer to (Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, England, U.S.) etc. who do in fact produce goods in these countries.

  13. Well, since this is a Produced in China thread, I can say that the premium brands not produced there are: Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton (including its USA production), Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Fendi, Valextra, Delvaux, Loro Piana, Bally, Moynat, Goyard,...and so on.
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  14. Stella McCartney and mansur gavriel also not made in China...
  15. Thank you for those names, helpful. One can't help but wonder how long they can hold off from joining the others in China. Hopefully a very, very long time. Hopefully never.