List of Common LV Shopping Threads

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Jun 21, 2009
Here are some threads on common topics for LV Shopping :smile:

Price Increase Questions:
Price increase !!!!!
Price Increase in Canada

Price increase in Europe?!!
Louis Vuitton Australia Price Increase

General Price Questions:
LV Prices in Canada
LV Prices in France
LV Prices in Hong Kong

LV prices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
LV Prices in Singapore
LV prices in the Philippines

LV prices in the UK
louis vuitton cheaper in dubai?
Is LV cheaper in Singapore/Japan?

IS LV CHEAPER in London or Paris?
Louis Vuitton Cheap in Korea right now
LV Prices in Asia (Japan, HK, SG, Philippines)

Price of LV handbag in Thailand
Cheapest country to buy LV
Most Expensive Country to buy LV?
Price reference of LV everywhere in the world

Tax Refund Questions:
Buying LV in France or Italy? Which one is best? Tax/europe trip questions :O
Best price for LV in airport Duty Free Shop?

Shopping Questions:
LV in Australia
LV Hawaii
LV in Dubai

LV Shopping in Bermuda
Buying LV in Germany
LV Store Sydney

Purchasing LV in New Zealand
LV Shopping in Paris
Louis Vuitton Prague?

Buying LV from Paris or Italy?
Louis Vuitton at Neiman Marcus
Louis Vuitton Macy's Herald Square NYC
Louis Vuitton purchase using Macys store card?

LV Store Policy and Website:
LV Store Return/Exchange policy.
Louis Vuitton special orders
When someone returns a bag, do they resell?

Does Louis Vuitton Authenticate?
Authentications at the LV store
Louis Vuitton Gift Cards?

In LVOE with New Website!!
The LV Website
Louis store refreshments?

VIP room in your local LV Boutiques
LV VIP Criteria

LV Sales Associates (SA:s)
Worldwide SA's recommendation!

LV Resale Value:
Which LV bag do you think has the Best Resale Value?
Buyout Offers for Reference? (selling bags on YC, FP and BBOS)

LV Box Questions:
LV Box with purchase

LV Luggage Tags and Locks:
How much are luggage tags?
LV luggage tag question
Louis Vuitton Lock

LV Clochette / Key Bell:
LV Clochette / Key Bell

Hot Stamp:
Hot Stamping and Painting Prices?

Misc. Fun Threads:
What LV stores have you been to?
Show us pics of LV store fronts
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