List of Brands that (never) go on sale

  1. Those who don't:

    Louis Vuitton

    Those who do:

    Marc Jacobs

    Which ones do you know that definitely don't or do go on sale?
    One funny thing I noticed about LV: there's a magazine of a Taiwanese "Luxury Mall" (Breeze Center) that had some Cerise bags on their back cover on sale, of course auth ones. But the price difference is from like 30 - 70$ someth, is this possible because LV in other countries already retails for much more so the retailers are actually cutting off some of their revenue or how is this possible with the "Never go on sale" philosophy? I can scan the page if anyone wants to see it
  2. Hermès does go on sale, actually :yes:
  3. Chloe goes on sale. I think Marc Jacobs does too? Am I wrong here ladies?
  4. I've heard about the clothing, but do the bags and small leather items also go on sale??? :wtf:

    You're right bagnshoofetish. I've seen some on sale in Paris
  5. yeah, those 3 brands never go on sale...
  6. The moto-bags by Balenciaga never go on sale in Germany.
  7. Small boutiques aren't relegated designer corporation rules of whether or not a brand can go on sale. That's why a lot of boutiques have things on sale that you won't find in the department stores (i.e. balenciaga, chloe, etc).
  8. Hermes goes on sale but never on the Birkins.
    LV NEVER goes on sale.

    I used to like Gucci and Prada but their seasonal sales were getting way out of hand.
  9. :yes: selected bags though
  10. MJ does go on sale. :yes:
  11. My friend was recently at the Hermes sample sale in New York and he saw the canvas totes and other small accessories for sale there.
  12. whoops...
    hermes, LV and goyard goes on sale... FYI:yes:

    hermes and LV(mentioned from their respective threads already) and goyard? YES i have seen it at Barneys' site:flowers:
  13. LV goes on sale? where? where? where? what? when? who? how? where? how much? where? :smile:
  14. I just want to add that Fendi and Chanel do go on sale. Certain Fendi handbags (seasonal ones) as well as Chanel handbags (also seasonal ones - I've seen the tweed ones gone on sale) go on sale.
  15. How much lower was the price for the Goyards? They aren't on sale right now on the site. Barney's have a ridiculously high markup anyway. It's even cheaper for US-residents to order from the boutique in Paris, pay the shipping and taxes etc than order from Barney's...