List of beauty subscription services

  1. This is a fantastic thread! I tried Birchbox and MyGlam and didn't like either. I'm going to do Blissmobox and Eco Emi next month. I also did Lollihop which is a healthy food delivery box. It was really fun, but I am super into stuff like that.
  2. Thank you!!
  3. my 2 cents: Canceled MyGlam b/c it was that bad. I like BeautyFix. I was able to try some high end products that I wouldn't have otherwise been likely to purchase. I like that you are able to choose your own products. Julep is nice and the polishes are great. Usually 3 products of various sorts for $19.99. A decent deal but there is always 1 product or color of polish I'm not thrilled about so when it comes down to it, i want to choose my own 3 products and pay $19.99 :smile: Haven't tried BB yet but I'm tempted to. I bought 1 TestTube beauty from QVC and I liked it. I just signed up for the next TTBeauty and used the discount code "tenoff" bringing the total including shipping to about $29.
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    Wonderful - thaanks so much =)

    edit - tried to sign up - all the Canada ones have waiting lists! But at least there are Canadian options ;)
  5. Anyone find any international ones besides the ones listed here, please share.
  6. This is one no longer shows on their website?
  7. They may no longer offer it. :sad: Given the recent influx of beauty subscription services, I've been wondering how long all of them would last. People do seem to be fickle and will leave their current service for the next "new" one.
  8. For ladies in the US - it looks like Glossybox is now open here!
  9. I emailed them yesterday and I got a confirmation that they are no longer offering the box!! :sad::shucks:
  10. Total Beauty also has a sample program that you can elect to receive each month. Just started last month and I'm happy with it so far! "You'll get 5 amazing deluxe size samples from Pixi, Alterna, Likewise, emerginC, and Senna cosmetics. Try them all for only $15!"

  11. There is Glambox not sure where you are based but I think they are only for the UAE.
  12. Yes I have checked with them and atm they are only UAE, I am in Bahrain.
  13. Just heard of a new organic/natural subscription/beauty box service:

    I think the August box is the first month.