List of beauty subscription services

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  1. On tumblr, I ran across this list of all the different beauty subscription services that are out there (there is even one for pets). Just thought I'd pass it on for those that are interested in trying something else.

    For Men
    • His Black Box ($12/month) Availability: United States, Canada
    • MaleBox (Not yet launched) Availability: Unknown
    • Hiskit ($12/month) Availability: United States
    • MyPlatinumBox ($10/month) Availability: United States

    Other Monthly Subscription Services
    Handmade Products
    • Umba Box ($26/month) Availability: United States
    For Pets
    • BarkBox ($25/month) Availability: United States
  2. Awesome, thanks for sharing!
  3. OMG this is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been trying to find other one ever since I hear about birchbox and recently myglam.
  4. a thread to enable awesome lol! Thanks so much. Anyone join Influenster VoxBox?
  5. Great list!
  6. Brilliant! I was wondering what else was available in Aus, BellaBox wasn't that good.

    FYI, the BeautyBox link says it's going to an untrusted connection.
  7. Hmmm, here is a link to their website.

    Just scroll down and you will see a button for their beauty box on the left.
  8. I recently came across two more monthly beauty subscriptions that are new and available in the US...

    Beauty Bar Sample Society: $15.00 monthly
    It is with Allure, so I thought I would give it a shot :smile:


    The Look Bag
    : $10.00 monthly
    I haven't heard anything about this one, only one review that someone got the box for free, so I am skeptical to sign up for this one.
  9. Glad I found this cos I've been waiting patiently for the US GlossyBox to launch... =/ As a consolation I just signed up for Julep! Really looking forward to receiving my box, as I'm just getting back into nail care, and every box from them contains at least two polishes! I found a code, so I got my first box for only $5 (I used code: NEW5)! Made my night. Watched reviews too, which made me even more excited!

    AHHHH! Tempted to try Eco Emi or Blissmobox, we'll see!
  10. A quick update from Germany:

    BooBox and Kosmetik Box are longer offering their service, Glossybox has added a box for men: (15€/every 3 month)
  11. Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely going to subscribe to a few of these. :smile:
  12. Blissmobox isn't as much of a "beauty subscription" but I love my subscription! It's the only subscription service I've stuck with. Each month they send you an email and you get to choose from 3's nice that you get a little choice. The boxes have been great and I've used just about everything I've gotten...I've even repurchased several of the items. This month they actually have a "spring beauty" choice so if you can sign up it might be good timing. But after doing Birchbox, Glambag etc this is the only one I've actually liked!
  13. Thanks so much for this post! I love Birchbox so far, I've been subscribed for 3 months. I also subscribed to a newer service called it caters to naturally curly-haired women.

    And I just got an email from DailyCandy advertising another service it's a service that sends you a box for your menstrual cycle each month. It's definitely interesting and I would have tried it out for a month or so but the base price is $15 and to add extras (like Midol, heating pads, etc) costs extra. But it's such a random but good idea.

    There was a blog/article I read a couple of months ago with another huge list of other subscription services but I don't remember where I read it.

  14. Hmmm, this curlybox sounds interesting as I'm naturally curly too.

    A "period" box? Now I've seen it all...:lol:
  15. I know! And for curlybox I've only rec'd one box since it's only in it's first month, but I liked what I received. Coupons and a full size product of leave in conditioner and of course a few other sample sized products. So even though I was hesitant at $20 it seems to be worth it.