List of Authorized Ray Ban Sellers


Aug 17, 2008
I'm looking for a pair of the 3026 Ray Ban Aviators and so far have found them on legit sites such as and Amazon. I'm still a little hesitant about Amazon since I don't know about their return policy. Can anyone help me with a list of the legit RayBan sellers that has a good return policy?



Jan 29, 2012
does anyone know a good trusted online ray ban seller that ship internationally specifically to Brunei?

I've been looking for this great cat-eye ray ban glasses (RB 5226) but can't seem to find it in the optic shops in brunei and also Miri Malaysia.

so help.....

I was thinking actuallly buying it from this Amazon us seller called sunglass express, but they had this one bad review saying that their glasses are not authentic and in their faq they didn't recommend customer to get their glasses authenticated at sunglass hut, because sunglass hut hate them or something. which gives me a bit of a pause.

I really need to get new glasses soon, so again help!!!