list of authentic sellers on ebay?

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  1. hi everyone! i'm new to this site but i'm normally on honestforum. I was just wondering if there is a section that list authentic sellers of designer bags on ebay? I can't find it if there is one because this site has way more sections lol. TIA =)
  2. No there isn't although it would be nice.
  3. there's not really a list for authentic sellers on this forum (not that i know of)... there's mypoupette's site that lists sellers affiliated with them, but i would still recommend posting any ebay auction you have questions about it the "authenticate this" thread

    i know there's a thread about authentic coach sellers in the coach section. you can find it by using the search function (very helpful feature!)
  4. fashionphile sells authentic LV's on eBay.
  5. I like authentic_lvlady.
  6. she isn't allowed to sell to anyone anymore due to the restrictions of her being in Hong Kong.
  7. thanks for the help ladies =)
  8. do a forum search, there are several threads about this
  9. what??????????:confused1:

  10. Her listings are still up right now as far as I know - . . .

    I am going to continue purchasing from her on the side. I've bought three bags from her - all gorgeous with great communication, and just ordered another - off E-Bay with complete confidence.

    I think it's terrible what E-bay is doing with her and Let-Trade - both authentic sellers. They should be allowed to continue when they have such a good track record!
  11. I just checked and she's still up, but she only has about 12 items listed. She is probably restricted from listing any further.
  12. see that is wrong......she's being restricted....but I'm still seeing TONS of huangfamily auctions...and they're in Singapore but the address on their auctions is NY....I wonder if that is how they get around it?
  13. I don't think it is wrong - I think it's wrong for her to be restricted at all, if it does happen. She's being selling authentic bags for many years with great feedback. This reminds me of Germany in the 30s - you know - government and corporations telling people not to buy from a certain group. I just think it's very wrong. Yes, there is counterfeiting - but it is very widespread in the U.S. as well. E-bay is trying to trying to cover its bottom because of potential lawsuits by cracking down - but by profiling by country rather than actually cracking down on the counterfeiters and their bags. It is not going to help buyers, will not ultimately appease the companies like LV which are suing them, and is unfair to honest long-term sellers like Let-Trade as well.
  14. I think a more fair system would have been to target people by feedback. So if you're from a so-called "banned" country and have feedback less than X percent (I think less than 98% is a good number) and X amount (maybe 100 or 200) then you can still sell. All they're trying to do is weed out the scammers...and the vast majority of scammers don't have those high numbers (especially in terms of good feedback).

  15. Twiggers - I think that sounds like a great plan!