List of Authentic LV Re-sellers/Consignment Shops/ eStores

  1. This is a new thread to post LV resellers you have great experience with and are known for selling authentic items only ( online or brick and mortar ). Previous thread ( ) is now closed because some stores are no longer in business and there are too many off topic comments.

    Please stay on topic. This is not a thread to enquire about authenticity, legitimacy of website, where to find a particular item,about pricing or condition of items.

    To find out the market value, a great place to start would be to do a search on eBay's completed listings.
    Question regarding authenticity of a particular item or website, please post directly here-->

    A couple sites I've purchased and would recommend are-


    P.S. We recommend members to get items authenticated even if the store is well known for selling authentic items.

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  4. Click on the LV shopping link. There is a specific thread on where to buy pre-loved goodies. I agree with everyone else, Ann's Fabulous Finds and Yoogi's are both great places. I have also had good experiences with and Malleries. Let.Trade has great prices on LV and they offer layaway. Just make sure to get anything you want, authenticated on the authentication thread. :smile:
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  5. Ann's
    Yogi's Closet
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  6. Yoogi's Closet

    Any bags you find you can get authenticated here first. eBay is a good place as long as you get the bag checked first. Items sold through consignment stores cost more to the point where sometimes it's better to buy new.
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  10. I get all my preloved bags from
    I've done business with her for over a year. She is very nice and her prices are very reasonable. She helps me find the right bag for my budget... I also love her awesome buy back program, if your tired of the bag, not what you expected she buys them back..and of course ladies always authentic :biggrin:!!! she actually just got recognize as a hand bag authenticator. I always recommend everyone to her below I took a picture of her business card for her information: good luck ladies finding your future pre loved babies:smile:

    Seller is from France and I've purchased a beautiful Longchamp from her once.
  12. Portero Luxury
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