List for MC Coeur

  1. I must be accessory crazed! But, when everyone shows pics of the insides of their bags, it's just so cool and makes me want more accessories!!! I do love the look of black MC deep down inside an LV!

    But, white is cool too, and in a heart shape it will be awesome, so just got on the list???

    Is anyone else???:heart:

    So, in the past two days, I have bought 3 accessories. I'm stopping now. I know I can do it, so I am...(sigh)... but, 3 is a lucky number....:roflmfao:
  2. I bought the sophie on eBay (I know!!!) and got on the waitlist for the dentelle ludlow (the SA had to look it up lol). Simply must have something in pomme d'amour. Just got a Chanel clutch...

    You'd better not be talking with me sister lol... aaargh love it though :heart:
  3. any pix of that mc coeur?