Lisa's Hawaiian Hermes Haul

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  1. We made a major contribution to the economy in Hawaii last week.

    The boxes arrived today. Anyone want to see the evidence??
  2. YES! Open, open, open!
  3. show us!!!
  4. ok......I just can't take the suspense.........hold on while I go refresh the olives....................
  5. Ohhhh.... Lisa! So excited for you!!! Cannot wait to see the pics!!!
  6. OK, here we go!

    My Designer Things 030.jpg
  7. Aww jeez....gotta go get my virtual wallet out!!!
  8. omg.....two big boxes. TWO!!!!
  9. OMG, jewels and a motherlode of Hermes. And it's bedtime in New England, so I'll have to wait until morning to see your goodies.
  10. Sit back and enjoy. We went a little loco!!
    My Designer Things 034.jpg
  11. Where's the music?
    My Designer Things 037.jpg
  12. Wow! So many boxes to open! I'm still waiting!
  13. OMGGGG!!! look at all those orange boxes!!! hurry with the stripping woman!
  14. Wowie!!! OPEN them all! NOW!