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  1. Forgot to mention, "shefinds" is also supposed to work for 15% off regardless of what you spend. You have to spend over $100 to use the other coupon "jessicastyle" for 15% off.
  2. :wlae:Thanks for the heads up on this sale, Bagachondriac! I found some great stocking stuffers and was able to use a code for 15% off, "jessicastyle". Also, gift wrapping is free!!
  3. thank you for posting. i'll check it out
  4. I got some stuff. It says coupons won't work for final sale items. It took it but didn't discount the 15%.
  5. Thanks for posting!!
  6. Thanks for the post!
  7. I bought a bunch of necklaces yesterday to use as presents - but I got an e-mail today saying they were all out of stock. BOO!!
  8. Those codes don't seem to be working...