Lisa Rinna & Her Daughter Shopping

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  3. I think her daughter looks just like her Mom & Dad, especially around the mouth.
  4. I love her...everytime I look at her I remember the good ol days when Melrose was the show...and she was soooooo good at being Taylor.
  5. I love Lisa since Melrose, so it's nice to see her. She looks good as always.
    Her daughter looks so much like her father.
    Thanks for the pics.
  6. I like Rinna (days of our lives) t4p
  7. Hey that's a Balenciaga day lol... nice
  8. She has a Balenciaga....nice
  9. We have the same name: Delilah
  10. ^^^ I love that name!
  11. I like her :smile: seems like such a sweet person.