Lisa Marie's pregnant belly pictures

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  1. alot of touch ups....but she looks amazing and is an great woman! I am so happy for her.
  2. This is the gift of being don't EFFING CARE what people think anymore!! It's refreshing! Genius! Brilliant!!

    Congrats to LMP and her DH and other children...twins on the exciting!! :tup:
  3. LOL:roflmfao: This comment totally cracked me up!

    She does look great though!
  4. She looks beautiful! I've always liked her. She has always seems so very down to earth and not pretentious in any way. Remember when she was married to Michael Jackson....LOL!.....I remember seeing them being interviewed together and thinking how lucky he was. She was so darned cute and seemed so normal compared to him.
  5. :P You are so damn funny! I especially loved this part of her interview:

    "We're all going to screw up," Presley says. "The important thing is, do you learn from it and not do it again? Can you make it better in the future? Can you change?

    "I am in a happy place now," she says. "But it took a lot to get here. I wasn't always who I am now."

    Words to live by IMO.
  6. What ever happened to "private Pictures". I don't know why people do this. This should be a private moment!
  7. I always admired her honesty.
  8. She looks great in the pictures. Good for her.
  9. Holy crap it's a pregnant Elvis!!!!
  10. looks great!
  11. She looks great.
  12. I can't wait to see the babies.
  13. I love your post. So true.

    She looks great and I hope she can enjoy every single day of her pregnancy.
  14. She looks great!

    And does look exactly like her dad.
  15. Glad Lisa Marie looks so good at 40, I will be her age in 6 days. YIKES!!