Lisa Leob anyone?

  1. I haven't watched tv in awhile,so I don't know if it's still on,but when E! was airing 1 Single,I was hooked.Lisa is adorable!I love her style (well not all the time,what was up with the window-flap skirt thing?)and she just seems like the kind of girl I'd want to be around alot.Very cool and genuine and sweet.Her taste in men pretty much SUCKS,though! I think she should adopt a baby and forget about finding Mr.Right.Usually,he pops up just when you're NOT looking.Can't say I like her music,but she's a doll.
  2. I like her music, and anyone who loves Hello Kitty is ok with me.

    Never seen her show though.
  3. i like some of her music. stay is one of my absolute favorite songs.

    my mom watches that show whenever its on because she says that lisa loeb reminds her so much of me. apparently her mannerisms are the same and we look a lot alike...although she is much thinner than i am. i really like her sense of style. she's seems very comfy with herself. and her glasses are cool. yay for sexy librarian glasses. :smile: i've never seen the show but i like her in interviews. she seems way fun and genuine. :smile:
  4. I just love her. Her personality would fit right in with my group of girlfriends. I LOVE her eyebrows and her style. She seems like such a nice person.
  5. I have loved Lisa Loeb for years. Her new show on VHI is so cute (not to mention that white bag she carries). I currently have some of her new music on my ipod.
  6. Hey FullyLoaded did you get the new Hello Kitty credit card offered by Sanrio? I loved that show when it was on but I felt bad that Lisa didn't follow her guy back to seemed she really wanted a baby due to her age so it didn't make sense to me that she didn't go.
  7. Hey Coldplay, I'm going to get one later this year- I have to help my hubby pay off his credit card bill I helped run up! Do you like HK or you just know someone who does?
  8. My daughters and I are obsessed with HK. We were in LA last week and found this store on Melrose Ave that had every kind of rhinestone HK necklaces, rings and earrings so we bought looks just like what Kimora is offering for thousands on the NM website.
  9. i love that show! hate her music, but love her!
    She's so cute.
  10. When I first saw her I thought she was the cutest thing! That famous album cover she has - love it.

    Here we go -

  11. Some more.
    Live_LisaLoeb.jpg Lisa-Loeb.jpg Lisa_Loeb_Biography.jpg
  12. Very annoying girl - MHO.
  13. For some reason, I've found her very annoying, too. :huh: Also, why is she famous? None of her songs have been that big imo.
  14. I havent heard any of her songs lol So I cant really comment on that. I just think shes pretty.
  15. I've only seen one episode. She seems like a good person.