"liquidated" LV stock?

  1. I've just found a topic on the ebay discussion boards where someone is claining they got new LV stock from a liquidator!!

    seeing as LV only sell their stuff direct, this is impossible, right?
  2. Yep. :yes:
  3. Completely impossible! What doesn't get sold gets destroyed!
  4. They are more than welcome to destroy them at my house!!:graucho:
  5. Oh me first !! :upsidedown:

    But yeah, this is lies.. it sounds like something someone would say in order to sell fakes.
  6. LOL I hear Daffy!
    Dear LV,
    I have this closet at home....they'll definetly get destroyed in there :yes: Please bring all unwanted bags to the closet....it's hungry!

  7. Precisely! I replied to the ebay thread to ask him more questions but he has mysteriously disspeared :rolleyes:
  8. Oh that's not sketchy at all ! :upsidedown:
  9. Lol!
  10. lolz :roflmfao:
  11. EXACTLY!!!:lol: :roflmfao: :upsidedown:
  12. Also, whatever does not get sold, prior to destruction, gets sold at the Internal Sale (PS - Personnel Sale) and then if it still doesn't sell, then it gets destroyed. :supacool:

    Those PS's only happen 1-2x a year and the items go for literally just above production costs.

    i.e. a Speedy 25 Monogram will sell for $70-80-$100 whereas in-store it goes for $620. The profit margin is what gives LV its revenue, of course! :idea:
  13. okay, this might seem silly or wrong. but what about a sample sale??
  14. Nope.

    LV does not EVER go on sale!

    Actually, this is one of my reasons why LV is my fav handbag brand...I do not want to pay retail for, say, a Saleya, just to find next month that it was put on sale!! :sad:
  15. Wow! Now, that's a great benefit!:sweatdrop: So in a way, they do go on sale! :nuts: Everyone who works at LV should have no reason not to owe one.;) One can only assume that there would be restrictions, such as number of items you can purchase and that you can't resale them?:shrugs: