Liquid Patent & Suede Sage Mahala for $700

  1. That price is awesome - congrats!
  2. Sold out:crybaby::crybaby:
  3. I guess it sold our around 2am. Must make a mental note for next year!!
  4. Wow....a great deal! Congratulations to those that were lucky enough to be able to snap one up! :yahoo:
  5. Congrats! I was going to buy this but fell asleep. Boohoo! You will all have to post pics so I can still enjoy vicariously. I have tried it on in person - it is a stunning bag!

    The price is amazing - when I looked at it at the Choo boutique it retailed for something like $1900
  6. I love that one of our member's scored! :tup::woohoo::tup:
  7. It's a great price - 65% off original price. It was originally $1,975. After Thanksgiving, it was marked down 30% to $1,381.90 and yesterday it was an additional 50% off that. Congrats!:tup:
  8. hey choo girls- I also ordered this bag at 12:10am- my FIRST choo purchase- cant wait to see if its a keeper!
  9. Congrats! Post pics when you get it
  10. Argh! I can't believe they started the sale early! Better luck tomorrow I guess? :wondering
  11. I ordered it too! I got it around 8:00 this morning. I wasn't sure about the sage color but I went ahead and hit submit. Lucky I did because not 5 min later it was sold out. This is my 2nd choo. I'll post pics of both when I get the Mahala. I'm so excited!
  12. yay for all those that got this great deal! :yahoo:congrats!:tup:
  13. What a deal :nuts:, congrats to all the ladies who got it!!!