Liquid Mineral make-up?

  1. I am still on the search for mineral make-up that looks right on me. I found out there is Liquid Mineral Make-up.
    Has anyone tried it?
    Maybe this is my solution....
  2. Doesn't MAC have one? Mineralize Satinfinish. Sorry I don't use MAC cos my make up is great. Maybe other people do.
  3. I noticed Maybelline now has some form of liquid mineral makeup as I was browsing around CVS last week. I'm sure department store lines are going to be coming out with it soon (if not already). I have not personally tried any yet, but I have recently switched from mineral foundation (powder form) to liquid foundation because I got sick of BE (I realized the BE was the reason for all the breakouts I kept getting).

    If anyone has tried any liquid mineral foundation .. please do share feedback on how it worked out for you :yes:
  4. I called MAC, theirs is not a true Mineral make-up.

    I am getting sample sizes of Illuminare Liquid Mineral Make-up, and a local salon carries Jane Iredale, so maybe I will make a trip to check it out.
  5. GloMinerals!!! - is by far the best......but you can not buy in the store, not even Sephora carries it - you must order online or buy from a doctors office -- but i promise this is by far the best coverage i ever had from any liquid makeup
  6. I have tried 2 different Liquid mineral foundation from . But it wasn't for me!