"Liquid" leggings

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  1. So, I've been admiring the liquid leggings I've been seeing on people such as Olivia Palermo and the woman below (from stylesightings)

    I even went and purchased a pair (from Hue, I think) and the second I put them on, I had to turn my back to the mirror because I looked ridiculous!

    I'm wondering if any of you had a particular brand of liquid leggings that you love or would recommend because I really would like a pair (without looking silly)!


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  2. Express has nice ones. But if you don't like the way they look on you I'm not sure the brand would matter.
  3. I have a pair by Members Only that I really like. You could also try Kova & T- they make a similar pair.
  4. I have the Topshop ones. Really nice and inexpensive. What sort of top did you wear when you tried them on? You need something long and floaty.
  5. I also am looking for some.

    I want good quality and nothing that looks cheap.
  6. I got mine from American Apparel. They were the high-waisted leggings in "matte lame"
  7. agreed. i think the liquid leggings would all look the same, regardless of brand. with that said- how did you pair your leggings? i really like the look too. the first time i tried a pair on, i also thought i looked ridiculous. i couldn't imagine wearing it out (i live in boston, which tends to err on the conservative side). but i find that it really depends on how i wear it.
    i would only wear it w/dresses. actual dresses, not tunics or long tops.
  8. The brand or style of leggings matters, but probably not enough to change whether you will like them or not. In other words, you may have hated the style of the ones you had or felt that they looked cheap or what-not, but you would likely still have the gut feeling that liquid leggings were great if you just found the right pair. Because you say you hated how they looked, I question whether a new brand or style will help that. If they looked "ridiculous", it is highly probable that another pair would also look similar.
  9. i love my liquid leggings...i also have a matte pair for day wear. and i dont think the brand matters, they all look about the same. I usually pair mine w/ longer tops/tanks/tshirts.
  10. I have a pair by French Connection...they were reasonable at full-price but I got them on sale at Bloomie's a couple months ago. They are VERY comfortable, soft, and cool-looking! I think that with liquid leggings, you need to keep the rest of the outfit simple and classic, or risk looking like a slave to fashion. I wear mine with a long gray tunic under a hip-length grandpa cardie, and plain leather knee boots.
  11. hi! yes, i agree that liquid leggings in general may not be for me (but why do I love the way they look on everyone else?!)

    I think my main issue with the pair I tried was that they felt too "shiny" and flammable! I'd love to look into the ones that are "matte" and see how they look.

    Thanks so much for the suggestions!!
  12. Try Members Only, it fits nice and the top can be folded down if you want extra tummy support lol. But yeah, other than that, I know Aritzia carries some matte liquid looking leggings, and they fit really nice as well. Good luck!
  13. American Apparel has some amazing ones!!! go check them out~~
  14. I bought a pr of Hue liquid leggings that I bought from Madwell on sale for 9.99. I havent worn them yet.
  15. I have the Hue ones and I like them........But when I first put them on ..I think I was just not use to them. But once I had them on for the nite I was ok. I also think you have to be going somewhere where you can wear them and not feel weird...Hope this made sense:thinking: