Jan 25, 2006
Hey ladies. Spring time is coming and I want to update my makeup draw. I can't stand lipglosses anymore. They are sticky and messy. I want to buy a couple of nice lipsticks for the summer in Pink and Peachy tones. I want a lipstick that doesn't dry and that is moisturizing. I also like a slight gloss not too matte. I heard YSL is good, but I sure would like you opinions ladies! Thanks.


Oct 23, 2005
serendipity3kb said:
I have heard lorac is good. I like cargo and dior. Nothing like burts bees lip balms though.

I love Burt's Bees lip balm :love:

My favorite pink-ish shade is called Pink Beach, by Clinique. I love MAC lipsticks, too, my favorite shade is Lovedust.
Jan 10, 2006
MAC is great for looking at a wide range of shades and finishes--plus their lipsticks are relatively inexpensive for a department store brand. Plus they have their program where if you bring back 6 empty MAC products, you get a lipstick of your choice for free.

If you like the look of gloss but would like a lipstick and something that's more moisturizing, Clinique has their Color Surge Butter Shine lipstick, might want to check that out. Sephora is a great way to go too, if there's a store in your area, since you can try all sorts of brands and colors without being hassled by sales people. But if you need help, they'd be more than willing to help you out. Weeknights are usually best since there won't be the weekend crowds...