Lipstick that STAYS on!! anyone have one?

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  1. I look awful (very pale) when my lipstick starts to go through eating, drinking , etc. so I am very aware during the day/night of the state of my lipstick - Can anyone recommend one that doesn't need constant reapplying?
  2. my roomie uses a maybelline one that she says NEVER comes off
  3. Avon's My Miracle Lipcolor stays on for a long time. And it's now half off on their website! For only $3.99, it's cheap enough to try different colors. I know it's not the most trendy makeup brand out there...but it's still a favorite for many! also has tons of product reviews for all kinds of makeup.
  4. Maybe you could fill in your lips with a liner, then apply lipstick, then blot, and reapply lipstick (unless you do that already!)
  5. I've been on a quest to find a lipstick that doesn't fade...I haven't quite found it yet, but I try to buy ones that are supposed to be long wearing. I have MAC Pro LongWear Lip Colour, which works pretty good. Here's a link with different color choices:

    Also, I've heard that if you fill in your entire lips after lining them, it's supposed to make it last longer...Also, you can try a lip stain...You put it on clean lips, and then clear gloss over that.
  6. I'm still looking.
  7. i can't remember who makes it, but lipfinity doesn't come off short of sandblasting. i remember not having any makeup remover, and trying to remove it with a toothbrush.
  8. I think Max Factor makes LipFinity. I prefer regular l/s that doesn't make my lips too dry. I find that those long-lasting ones are killers for my lips. I adore CD Addict l/s's and Rouge l/s's. They are so long lasting and very moisturizing. Also Chantecaille makes some great lippies that last a long while. By lining your lips first, you'll ensure your lipstick w/ last longer. That's what I do and I only have to reapply my gloss but never my l/s.
  9. I like Lancome's Juicy Wear too. I also like Avon's Perfect Wear lipstick. It stays put till at least lunch and fades off evenly. With some of the long-lasting ones (like CG & MF lipfinity) it wears off unevenly.
  10. lancomb has a great lip liner, I love bronzell and its a neutral shade and I put that on all over and then a paler shade of lipstick or gloss and it stays forever. When I got collegen in my lips, the lipstick seemed to stay on longer..
  11. Thx so much - now I know why I don't make a move without checking with my PF friends - so helpful!
  12. Chanel is not perfect, but it is the best of the ones that don't dry out your lips.
  13. Almay's Truly Lasting LipColor!
    There are some design problems with the tube (coor on one side, clear gloss on the other, and they usually come apart) but it is the best lasting lipcolor I have found and it comes in great shades.