Lipstick that moisturizes AND lasts?

  1. Need your suggestions! Am looking for a warmer color (not a lot of blue undertones) that goes on smoothly, doesn't dry out, and STAYS ON for more than 20 minutes.

    I've tried Estee Lauder All Day (too dry), MAC in Charismatic, and Chanel Rouge Allure (also dry).
  2. this isn't a lipstick, but i really like chanel's glossimars - the color lasts quite well and my lips always feel wonderful even after it wears off.
  3. try guerlain's kisskiss lipsticks..the color stays on, while keeping your lips wel-moisturized..
  4. I use Chanel Hydrabase lipstick, the colour last ages and it doesnt dry my lips at all.

    I have it in Fire for a really true red that lasts all night!