Lipstick on Gucci Fabric

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  1. My friend was so upset today, because she got lipstick on her gucci bag. I told her that I belong to a wonderful purse forum, and maybe somebody would know what to do. Any suggestions?
  2. i was posting this in claning your gucci..but she can try make up remover tissue (alcohol free)
    it help me with my problrm..check it out..(cleaning my gucci bag)
  3. Oh no! was it bright red lipstick? Im so sorry that happened to her.
  4. I got lipstick on my gucci wallet (canvas) once and I used some baby wipes to remove the stain. I think it worked really well cause you could barely notice it now. Hope your friend gets her stain out. :smile:
  5. I've a tendency to kiss my Gucci bags too, without lipstick tho!

    Good luck! I've never had lipsticks on my Gucci, but I'd think babywipe should do if the stain is new.
  6. oh, Bee :lol:
  7. I will tell her about the baby wipes, and let you know how it works! Thanks for the help.
  8. I told her about the baby wipes today, and she wanted to know if the baby wipes leave a ring around the stain when it dries? I told her I wouldn't think so, but I would check with the experts!