Lipstick case

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  1. My iPhone will not let me view the lv site.... And I'm trying to look something up. Does lv make a lipstick case.... The kind that has a mirror in it? If so can someone please post the URL to lv for me!!
  2. You can't view LV site on your iphone because it it doesn't have flash. LV need to come out with a friendly site for iphone. I don't believe they have lipstick case but you can get the cosmetic pouch and buy a small mirror.
  3. can download an app called Puffin that will run flash sites on your iPhone. There is a free version to try that expires in 14 days...then it is 2.99 for the full version. I got it for my iPad just to look at LV :smile:
  4. I did a search on the site as I could not think of anything like that. The only think I could find was the cosmetic case with a lipstick holder and you can put a small mirror case in there.
  5. That is probably about the only thing I haven't seen LV make, great idea though.
  6. Nope they don't make that. They used to sell small mirrors, I'm not sure if they still do.
  7. Thanks for the puffin tip!!
  8. LV has never made one - I have seen fake ones though.