Lipstick ALL OVER lining of Prada bag... HELP!

  1. Good grief, I had a lipstick that I guess was missing a lid, and I was out in the sun, and goodness knows what else happened but I have lipstick ALL OVER the zipper compartment inside my black Prada style #1594, and in a few other areas as well. Apparently the lipstick melted onto something else and it's been all spread around. HELP! What do I do? Is there a handbag doctor who can fix this? Some secret lipstick remover that will leave my black bag lining looking OK?
  2. If it's Prada nylon then all you should need is a clean rag and some water.:biggrin:
  3. You can try dabbing it with a baby wipe.
  4. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear this.
    Before you try anything, I suggest that you bring it back to Prada and ask if they could clean it professionally for you. I know my local LV helps customers send their bags for professional cleaning and they turn out beautiful.
  5. I use Goo B Gone to clean candle wax, gum, tar etc. from my carpet and clothing. Worth a try?
  6. Mild shampoo and a damp cloth. Or if it is chunky, freeze it first and pick it out, then shampoo.