Lips! & Newbie questions


Nov 29, 2011
First, I'm looking for a matte lip stick. I'm not quite sure what color looks best on me, as I haven't purchased lipstick since I was a teenager (I'm 26 now). I usually stick to glosses (LOVE Mac dazzle glass in Moth to Flame & Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Gloss in Glitter Rock -- just to get an idea of the colors I wear now).

I have recently (in the last 6 months or so) started to branch out and try new brands and colors. I'd been wearing the exact same colors/brand/etc since I started wearing make up and *finally* realized that there's so many options out there! I LOVE the naked palette because it allows me to stay in my general comfort zone, but makes it easier to play up or down the make up a bit. I'm also trying to get the Naked2 palette. Anyone have any tips/general make up suggestions?

My biggest issues that mess with make up choices are:
  • My teeth aren't the whitest. (not really sure why, I brush properly, I don't drink coffee, don't smoke, etc. I can't use whitening products cause they make my teeth hurt pretty badly.) This sucks when picking a lipstick color.
  • My right eye waters, badly. I have had multiple tear duct surgeries and still have issues. This is annoying because it will eventually make any eyeliner on the bottom, towards the corner -- nose side -- wipe off, but also because it take some shadow off on the top nose side as well.
  • I hate my eyebrows. They are light, shapeless, and sparse. I've NEVER waxed or plucked them. Not even a single hair. Is there anything I can do to them to make them any better?

I'm sure it will be helpful w/ pics of me w/make up, as well as without make up? I'll include them, just incase.

1st is without any makeup, 2nd is with make up. (I *AM* wearing a shirt in the 2nd pic! Heh, I've had people ask before.) In the 2nd pic you can see what I'm talking about as far as my teeth. The 3rd gives the best over all pic of my make up application I can provide. Even though the hair looks like it, the 2nd & 3rd pic aren't from the same day, so the makeup has changed a bit. (they were about 4 years apart, actually)



Jan 4, 2006
The third picture is GORGEOUS!

Having had many discussions with my dentist about why I don't have pearly whites, I can pass along what I've been told: Some people don't. Just one of those things. The dentist does have some teeth whitening service that works miracles, but again, you will need to visit the dentist for this.

Watery tear duct:
You might be able to mitigate this with waterproof eye makeup. However, I don't like the look in picture #2 anyway. There are many eye makeup styles that don't have makeup near the lower corner. Stick with them.

Again, this is an issue that you'll need to take up with the lifeguard in the gene pool. Some options include getting an eyebrow tattoo, so to speak, and there is, I believe, some cosmetic surgery that can plant hair there. Should be plenty of information on the net, though, about permanent fixes.


Feb 5, 2008
First, you are pretty with and without makeup, as suggested above stick with eye makeup that does not have makeup on the lower lash line.


Jun 9, 2008
Washington DC Metro Area
You should try the following:

NARS Matte Lipstick in Bangkok for a perfect matte.

Waterproof Dior Show Mascara in Chesnut - I also have tear duct issues/allergies and have been wearing waterproof mascara daily for the past 35 years and counting...

Dior Universal Brow pencil to shape your brows

Good Luck!