lips charm and others at outlet now...$13.00

  1. yes thats right.....the lips charm and the love charm have hit the outlets here in california.......can you believe it...$13.00??!!!
    just FYI on some bags i saw including 2 of the patchwork hobos
    indigo (i think it's called) and the pink/green patchwork from last spring.
    they also had the swingpack from the same pink/green line.
    just wanted to let you all know:yes:
    happy outlet shopping ladies!!!!
  2. aww already? I need to stop buying retail charms too then.
  3. Oooh really?? I loved the lips one and my friend wanted the love charm, I need to go pick those up. Thanks for posting! :biggrin:
  4. I wonder what my outlet has? I have been planning on going this weekend. I cant wait! I'm hoping to find some good deals on:
    a satchel
    cosmetic bag
    key chain
    Wish me luck ladies :smile:
  5. almost forgot to add that they also had new key chains,,,,,,,,in particular was a very new one i think...its gold colored brass (i guess) that is heart shaped with coach written inside...i think it just came out and yes it's there

    aarti... i try and only buy my charms and key chains at the outlets
    they have the best prices and usually a great selection of really new things that i see at the boutiques..

    also call ahead and have them hold whatever you can as the charms were few and i know will go quickly!!!
  6. Will they hold the charms at the outlet? Really?!
  7. i like buying my charms and keyfobs at the outlet so i dont feel guilty switching it up every now and then.

    im so excited the lips are there now!
  8. my parents recently bought a bunch of charms at BirchRun for like retail value - maybe five dollars less - weird!
  9. outlets will hold for 48 hours ...yes!!!!:yes:
  10. uhhh i wish we had an outlet in arizona....
  11. bummer no outlet in AZ...maybe eBay, i noticed that when charms hit the outlets they are ALL OVER eBay!!
  12. which outlet in cali did u go to? if its it was napa or vacaville....i so wanna go this weekend!!!
  13. argh...that really cranks me up about buy in a boutique and it ends up in the outlet a few weeks later half price...grrr...this is why, recently, I've decided not to buy in the full price store unless it really runs the risk of selling out.

    also, sometimes, they put the bullseye stamp on charms, and IMO, it takes away from the charm.
  14. Cool.
  15. Darn! I wanted the LOVE charm but ended up not getting it because I bought so many other things. No outlet nearby! :crybaby: