1. Anyone considering or had done Lipozap? I keep hearing on the ads on the radio.
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    I started Lipozap Treatments Feb. 07. Lower abs, upper abs and back bra line ($2800), The nurses and tech’s are incredibly thorough, and their customer service skills are comparable to any 5 star hotel. My first treatment was to my lower abs. They did not lie. The procedure was virtually painless. However by the time I returned home 30 mintues later it was all I could do to get through the front door. When I complained I was told the first treatment is always the hardest. My 2nd visit was to treat my upper abs and bra line. Again, little pain during the actual procedure, but, I was in so much pain on the way to the parking lot I felt as though I might pass out and seriously considered calling the paramedics. By the time I got home the tears were rolling down my cheeks. I stayed on my couch for 3 days, trips to the bathroom were my only exercise as I couldn’t even bear eating. It was agony. The uncontrollable spasms in my legs curled my toes and made my right shoulder ache. I spent considerable time discussing my pain with the nurse who called to do the follow up. The following week I spoke with an Administrator. She stated ½ treatments would remedy the pain and swelling and made jokes about a man who'd gone snow skiing the day following his treatments. They did their best to console me. I asked for a refund but they assured me 1/2 treatments with longer intervals between treatments would remedy the situation.Treatment #3 & 4 were halved. However nothing changed. Pain, swelling, spasms. Again I spoke with nurses and Admin. The head nurse laughed and told me she'd had the procedure and not only finished her work day, but had even returned to work the following day with no pain and minor swelling. A few days later, still in severe pain I again asked for a refund. This time I spoke with the Retention Administrator who after discussing my situation for 45 minutes became thoroughly upset when I suggested getting my orthopedic surgeon involved, She went so far as to began screaming at me. After calming her down, can you believe I had to calm her? She offered to refund a VERY small portion of my fully paid treatment. Now 3 months later, "maybe" I see some results. I've spoken repeatedly with Admin. Staff, they've REFUSED, even though their advertisments state, "Money Back Guarantee" if not completely satisfied. Now the interesting thing is I've had major back surgery and this procedure is causing horrible swelling in my back culminating in severe spams to my legs. To put it mildly, I hurt. The ab swelling has gone down but the lumps are still present, and my back still hurts. Since they won't return my money I had decided to continue treatment, however, yestersay I had 1/2 treatment # 5. I feel like I was kicked in the back & yes, I do look like I'm 6 months pregnant. – I Would NOT recommend Lipozap. - TO MY WORST ENEMY! - I'm seriously considering seeking legal remedies.

  3. is lipozap the same as mesotherapy?
  4. i'd like to try it but i'm scared:sweatdrop:
  5. Hi, I would NOT reccommend lipozap because -

    1. Lipozap are injections
    2. You do NOT know what is in a lipozap injection
    3. You could have allergic reactions
    4. You may have trouble getting your money back and you will be asked to get all 6 treatments in order to apply for your money back
    5. From what I have read from the paying customers, it did not make much of a difference, or left them puffy and worse!
    6. They are painful
    7. There are other new liposuction alternatives, such as Ultrashape that does not use injections, it uses painless ultrasound waves, and I've read online that paying customers are happy with their results and had zero pain. (You can google Ultrashape and find a lot of information about this new, painless technology.)

    8. How many complaints from customers will it take to get lipozap off the market? The company is banking on that it may take a year, so they can make money now off this mystery injection. Frightening. :tdown:

    9. Lipozap is scary
    10. I do not want to waste my valuable money and time!:nuts:
  6. Well hello all, I just wanted to shed a little light on the Lipozap subject. I went for my first consultation on Wed.22, and yes the office is like a 5 star hotel!!!!:drool: I was really impressed with the staff and the nurses. The nurse I met with was very professional and had alot of important information to share with me. All of my questions were answered I received a copy of the the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and I must say the information I received was very helpful. I decided to sign up and had my measurments taken, my before photos taken:yahoo:I feel pretty excited. I had my first test injection done and it was just like the nurse said I felt a slight burning sensation and I was itchy but it all went away in 1 hour!!!!!!! I do not have alot of soreness just a little redness in the are I was injected in.

    I hope my experience was a little helpful to all the woman who are thinking about having Lipozap.
  7. ^^ interesting first post.
    ladysmooth - I would contact the attorney general in your state & the AMA.

    Theplaya is correct in her points!
  8. Lipozap information: There are two procedures they now offer and injectable procedure and an invasive laser lipo procedure. The injectable in minimally invasive and this procedure is not FDA approved. In addition, the Board of Plastic Surgery does not condone this procedure because there have not been long term studies on this procedure and for the very fact that it is not FDA approved. You will rarely find any plastic surgeons offering this because it actually does not produce good results. I have witnessed patients with permanent side effects that they glaze over during the consultation. These include permanent hyperpigmentation, irregularity and uneveness, tenderness at the injection site, nodules that do not go away and some clients even have an abscesses (infection). There have actually been cases of clients who have creases because of wrong medication placement, necrotic lesions, and stretch marks. The procedure has been banned in kansas, brazil (where it originated), and other places. Aside from this, there have been multiple articles you can find on line and news clips on the danger of this procedure have aired several times. Be a smart consumer and get information from doctors that actually specialize in this procedure and can give you unbiased insight. It is worth doing the homework.

    Smartlipo will be the new lipozap procedure that they will feature. Ideal candidates will be those who are paper thin and only have tiny buldges. Most plastic surgeons who offer this treatment augment it with real liposuction so this won't be a miracle procedure either for those who are heavier set. Other than that, lipozap does not have doctors that are experienced enough to be offering this treatment so if you do decide you would like this procedure at least go to a physician who has done so many. cynosure's smart lipo website can direct you to those experienced doctors. Educate yourself and don't allow yourself to be a victim of their marketing campaign. refunds are difficult to obtain and will never be for the full amount. By the time you've received it they will have deducted multiple fees and you would have gone through a lot of discomfort, side effects, and hopefully the damage is not permanent. has info on this company and so does the los angeles Better Business bureau. Do your research before you even step foot in this company. They will never tell you how many inches you can expect to lose and the consultants will dance around the question if you ask how many procedures the doctor has done and what kind of experience they have. See for yourself.
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