1. HI GIRLIES..!





  2. I think a couple of our lovely ladies had it done last week :smile:. I am sure they will not mind me saying that, as they posted it themselves that they were getting it done.

    I myself am not brave enough to have it done, as when you see pictures, it always looks like quite a brutal treatment, but I believe it is becoming less invasive all the time.
    I believe, if you want it done, you should do it, we live in a time when if we are not happy with something, we are lucky enough to be able to change it. So as long as you find somebody reputable and do your homework, go for it!! and very best of luck :smile:
  3. I have read that the tumescent technique can be performed under local anesthetic. That technique is the least invasive; but, also is meant for the treatment of smaller fat deposits (I believe); like saddle bags, flanks, I believe that tumescent under local is NOT for people wh want to remove large amounts of fat from multiple areas.

    Either way, good luck - I say "go for it" - there are some things that all the diet and exercise in the world cannot change. :flowers:
  4. My friend works for a plastic surgeon. She says that after the operation, at least 1 week to recover. Results won't be noticeable until a few months down the road due to inflammation, etc. The scar from lipo isn't noticeable either, it's just a small incision. She's planning on getting it done on her lower stomach if the gym doesn't help her after 1.5 years.

    I think the range is 1000 + depending on who you goto.
  5. I say go for it! As long as you do your research and find a board certified and qualified surgeon, why not?

    I want to get it done too one day. I swear, I just want to walk in with my own magic marker and tell the doc to "have at it!"
  6. I'm just over a month out from a breast reduction and tummy tuck with lipo. I love my results and, if it is truly what you want to do, then I would wholeheartedly recommend it. The recovery is not near as bad as I anticipated. I'm still slightly swollen and my PS said to expect swelling for up to six months after the procedure.

    Good luck with your decision making! I say go for it!:flowers:
  7. I had lipo as well as a tummy tuck. First 2 days were a little rough and then pretty smooth sailing after that. I had lots of bruising and it was sore, but not as bad as I anticipated. It cost me $2000 for my lovehandles (thats in addition to the cost of tummy tuck) Good Luck! It was the best thing I ever did!!!:yes:
  8. ahhh im so excited. im serously going for it. i think i have a nice shape but i have love handles!!!! i hate them!! gym isn't working that great and its a litttttttle to slow..i need a boost. ;/ i hope i just didnt make myself sound so lazy there. haha..

    I'm going in for my consultation tommorow ! My mom is willing to pay for it....

    whats the difference between lipo and tummy tuck?

    also, did you guys who had this procedure done have any skin sag?
  9. It sounds like you would be more of a candidate for lipo rather than a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is major surgery to remove excess skin in addition to fat. Lipo would have made little to no difference for me since I had some excess skin from my c-section. I am beyond thrilled with my results and have had no issues with sagging skin.

    If you go in for a consultation, I'm certain your PS will have literature detailing both procedures. Otherwise you can do a google search for other info or PM me if you have specific questions.

    A consultation would probably be the best thing for you at this point so you can see what your options are. My best advice is to be exceptionally picky when it comes to selecting your PS. I researched all of the doctors in my area and ended up going out of state for my surgery.

    Good luck!
  10. I just got back from my consultation with the PF. She recommended me to a another Dr. who had some weight management program in which they inject something in you to give you enegery and supress yoru appetitie alogn with pills and etc. Have you guys ever heard of sucha thing? She said that it works and u can lose up to 10lbs each week. I just called the place and they aren't accepting any new patients until Nov. =( Such a long wait...... I got an appt for Nov. 5th.
  11. Wow what IS that... I've never heard. Anyone care to share?
  12. yeah i would like to know as well.. if the pills will be cheaper than the lipo by a lot, maybe i could start there or something..... i really want to lose all that extra poundages, as my bf calls them.. lol..
  13. when i find out i will tell u ladies! my appt is all the way in NOVEMBER. i complained about why so long of a wait, they said , " dotn worry, its worth the wait!!!" ...they arent accepting any new patients. ;/ 5 more months!!!
  14. yep - I go whenever I need to loose an extra 10-15 lbs, usually near and immediately after the holidays! Here is how it works:

    you weigh in, get your vitals documented and pending that you don't have high blood pressure or fever etc, you get your pills which consist of:

    1 packet of multivitamins
    1 packet of diuretics (water pills)
    1 packet of phentermine (appetite suppressant)
    1 shot of vitamin b6 - b12 - niacin etc.

    then you get a printed out sheet with a suggested meal plan and a BMI reading (body mass index) and off you go. If you follow the plan, you will loose 3-4 lbs per week. And you can usually get this at any medical weight loss center and will run you around 100 USD per visit - including the pills.
  15. one of the major side effects from lipo in about 3 years after the proceedure is that the body will produce fat if you feed it fat. for instance, I know a gazillion people who have had lipo in various places - hips, back, arms, inner thighs etc and if and when you start to gain weight, or especially get pregnant or whatever, the fat will never reside in the area that the lipo was performed, so you get these strange fatpads that bulge in the MOST insightly of places, because the body needs to store it SOMEWHERE.

    which is why even though I have lots of places I would ideally like to get lipo done, I will probably never do it because I don't want a fatpad golfball hanging out from the side of my inner knee down the road LOLOLLL!

    believe me girls, I work in a plastic surgery city, and it is my job to hide these things from the public but GROSSSSSSS I will never do it to myself!:sick: