1. hey everyone, i had a baby about 9months ago n put on 10 kilos, with a jelly belly. i was chubby before the baby but now, i'm nothing but fat. i'm just not determinated enough to go on an exercise routine or a diet. i always always gave up half way through. (i'm too lazy and i love food)
    i thought liposuction would be a quick fix. so has anyone had it before? what is it like? (i saw it on tv once and it looked pretty scary, they poke the fat inside your body with a big tube and sucking oil n blood out.) do they do a skin tuck for you as well or they just let your skin hanging there unless you request it? what are the side affects or risks? sorry i've got too many questions.:p i just wanna hear the answers from the ladies whos done it before instead of the surgeons.

    any help is appreciated!

    thanks in advance:heart:
  2. 1 more question, is it true that a plastic surgeon is better than a cosmetic surgeon?
  3. my $0.02: If you're not willing to exercise and diet -don't bother. :tdown:You'll only gain it all back again after a while and be right back where you started. There is no quick fix, if you want to lose weight what you need to do is to eat healthier and burn more calories. I have a friend who had lipo and you really couldn't tell much difference, she said it was a waste of money. It's not a risk-free procedure, why put yourself through the risk of dying (yes, it happens) or having botched plastic surgery, when all you need to do is to eat healthier and exercise a little? It'll improve your health and could add years to your life as well.
  4. thanks for writing, keya. what you said about the diet n exercise was so true, i havent lost an ounce yet coz i kept putting it back on! that's too bad, i actually was gonna rely on lipo. sigh...
    it seems like my fat is so stubborn n will never go away! maybe i should give jenny craig a go.
  5. Lipo is not for weight loss. I'm sure you could find a doctor to do it for you, but any good doctor will tell you the ideal lipo patient doesn't need to lose weight. It's for spot reduction/body contouring. Also, you will gain weight back after the lipo if you don't change your lifestyle. You won't gain it in the same distritbution but you still can gain weight. I consulted with a plastic surgeon about lipo once and he pointed out that his heavy nurse had had lipo several times. He'd suck more out and then she'd just gain more.
  6. ^^^^^^ I couldnt agree more! Lipo is simple for spot solutions. Not weight loss. According to the wonderful John Di Saia, M.D.
    and I quote

    ""In order to set things straight, a Cosmetic Surgeon is a surgeon who performs Cosmetic Surgery and a Plastic Surgeon (of course) performs Plastic Surgery. It sounds obvious, but what does this really mean?


    Plastic Surgery is a body of knowledge encompassing amongst other things Cosmetic Surgery. In order to become a Plastic Surgeon, one completes a Plastic Surgery Residency. In order to qualify to enter a Plastic Surgery Residency, one must complete at least three years of a General Surgery Residency. Currently, most Plastic Surgery Residents have completed a full General Surgery Residency (Five to Seven Years, depending upon the institution) or a full Orthopedic, Urologic, Otolaryngologic, or Neurosurgical Residency.""

    Okay? :smile:
    Listen we've all been there and with the support of your friends, even if we do kind of live in your PC box, you can lose this weight. If you decide on a surgery, be completely honest with your doctor and find someone who will give you honest answers about your results. Anyone who promises you the moon is literally out of this world.

    If youre looking to rid your belly of that fat, and have the muscles tightened up, you probably want a tummy tuck. And that my dear is a whole nother can of worms.

    PS- lipo isnt scary, nowadays with twilight sedation, and improved technique you can get amazing results. But really it is for shaping and contouring an area. OH YES remember that with lipo a doctor can say whatever he wants about how much fluid he takes out of you, because, it all depends on how much he's pumping into you in the first place!!
  7. I agree with keya.
    I know someone who had lipo done and a tummy tuck. However because she was not the type to exercise or care much for her diet.. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING just came back and she got her 2nd lipo done and it was just a routine.

    If you really want to lose the fat... you are going to have to get into the exercise routine and change your diet.. Without those things.. even liposuction won't help you, sorry to say.
  8. I've been hard core exercising for about 4 months (1hour a day 5 days a week with an additional weight routine.) I have 2 kids and my body has changed its shape. My middle section is much thicker than it was before. I weigh the same as before my 2nd child but my weight distribution has changed. I carry weight through my mid-section and right under my butt. Will lipo make a permanent change in these areas? I'm not too overweight. I weight 120 and I'm 5'3". Sorry, don't mean to hijack your post, I'm just curious about lipo as well.
  9. Most reputable dr.s will tell you that they will not perform lipo if you are overweight. It is for normal weight people who have certain areas that never come into proportion with diet and exercise.

    gucci fan: It might very well be an option for you, given that you are normal weight and already exercise. Lipo can make a permanent change in those areas provided that you do not regain significant weight.
  10. thanks everyone. the question now in my head is can lipo suck all the fat out of you at once in order to reach your ideal weight? my thoughts were getting liposuction done first and then maintain my weight lol. i feel too fat right now to go to the gym or jogging on the streets. in fact, i cant even fit in my old exercise clothes anymore.
    i'm 5'2'' and weigh about 135 pounds (i can hit 140 easily if i eat yummy yummy junk food) , does it count as over weight?
    i had a virtual consultation with a cosmetic surgeon over the net, they say that the fat wont come back because they will be taking some of your fat cells out. :wondering
    i need more than a tummy tuck, i got floppy arms, big thighs as well. :sad: i just hope there's some low risk treatment can get all my fat out at once. then i'll try to exercise and all.
    gucci fan, you are welcome to hijack my post lol. hope we can share all the info we find in our reasearch.
  11. gucci fan, your needs are exactly what lipo is intended for.
  12. I've had a lipo done in many areas. I didn't have a lot of fat to be taken away but I didn't like the shape of my body. I had a clear pear shape and a little bit of belly, not much.

    I'm so happy I did it, now my shape has totally changed but as someone said before, a lipo is not for weight loss. That should be achieved with diet & exercise. Cellulite does not dissappear with lipo, if you have it (I had little and now have less because of the exercise).

    But if you want sort of a "lifting" done to your belly, that's a different thing.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me!
  13. artemisa, do you have any recomendations for good doctors? There are so many out there and I have seen so many BAD pics of lipo procedures I'm scared to pick the wrong one.
  14. Yes I have, unfortunately, I live in Spain so I don't think I could be useful.

    All I can say is that my doctor is a plastic surgeon well known in my city and owns all the qualifications needed for such procedures. He works in the public service (in Spain that is already a guarantee) doing all the procedures for burnt people and skin transplant. Apart from that, he is a super nice person.

    I went to his private clinic and got a good deal (he's friends of my cousin) for all the zones he lipo-ed me (belly, under the waist, knees, interior of legs and the part of the legs that made me look like a pear, don't know the name). All of that was 4000€ two years ago, which was a good deal because the real price was 6000€.

    The work is impeccable, I look so much better now, and I was able to go to work the following day feeling ok.
  15. I agree with Keya. If you love food and don't want to exercise, getting liposuction will be a waste of money, you'll gain the weight again. Plus lipo is a way of sculpting the body, and shouldn't really be considered a way to lose weight.
    If you want to get rid of the extra 10 kg my advise would be to go for a little walk once a day, and eating a little less. I feel the same way as you, but once you get used to a healthy lifestyle you never want to go back.